Friday, December 25, 2009

More Gifts

I wrapped more gifts because I was going to put some in a gift bag but found one of my little ones loves unwrapping. They were in a gift bag.

I cannot wait till they open them. They have been begging to unwrap gifts so much before Christmas I wrapped alphabet letters and old toys for fun so they had something just to unwrap before Christmas. They were getting into the real gifts and I needed a diversion so they’d have presents left.

In passing: Kim Peek: Brittany Murphy

Kim Peek who inspired the film Rain main has died. He was 58. He was not Autistic as the film rewrote his disability. He suffered from a developmental delay.

Brittany Murphy also passed on and was buried Christmas eve
She is three years younger than me one of my younger sister’s ages. It is very sad. I loved her in clueless. I feel bad for her family.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

An interview with jewelry designer Jenifer Smith of Jenifer’s Family Jewels

An interview with jewelry designer Jenifer Smith of Jenifer’s Family Jewels

2. Your Shops

3. Your favorite handmade sellers –
There are so many incredibly talented artists on Etsy alone, it's just too hard for me to pick! :0)

4. What are inspirations?
I am mostly inspired by the gothic romance of the Victorian era, but I also find inspiration from so many other things - nature, architecture, fashion, etc.

5. Your favorite zazzle seller.
- Hmmm, Lou Designs!! :D

Saturday, November 28, 2009

How are you all doing? Free PR for your Fave indi shops,

I am having thanksgiving Saturday
husband is cooking

Your Favorrite Handmade and Zazzle shops
Tell us who your favorite zazzle and handmade shops are
1. Place all recommendations in the comment section
2. Keep it clean “No r or x rated shops”
3. Promote as many shops as you want
4. You can even your own store

Here is my second try at a zazzle panel to promote my sister’s shop

make custom gifts at Zazzle

Saturday, November 14, 2009


My husband and I bought Christmas gifts online today. At least there is no rush.
I am not a black Friday sort of girl. I’d rather sleep in and get a good sale online then have be up at midnight and exhausted. I ended up buying less impulse gifts that way.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Why Handmade Costume Jewelry is Better, Free PR, Thankful List

Why Handmade Costume Jewelry is Better
Diamonds and gold are not a women’s best friend the more expensive a piece of jewelry is the more eco unfriendly it is. You often can’t tell where the gold and diamonds came from.
Quality handmade jewelry sold online is
1. Cheaper because it cuts out high priced craft tables
3. More eco friendly because handmade artists recycle more and often use recycled packaging.
4. Real art instead of something that’s mass produced.
5. Can be bought in pajamas without having to trek to a huge craft fair or mall.

I am the founder of which I used to promote my sisters zazzle shop as well as her handmade stuff. Her zazzle shop is

Free PR
Post your handmade or zazzle add in our comment section
As long as your shop isn’t R rated or sells supplements

Thankful List
Husband, little ones

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Notes, Two shop Picks, Thankful List

I am working on a piece of nonfiction. I will also do more shop Picks. They will be handmade or zazzle.

Check out the new merchandise at Lou’s shop.

Two shop Picks
Big Girl jewelry and Jenifersfamil jewels lots of lamp work and glass beads check the shop out

Shop Picks
Biggirljewelry lots of lamp work and glass beads check the shop out

Shop Picks
You love romantic and gothic jewelry this is the shop for you

Thankful List
Husband and little ones
Homemade bread
Good children’s DVDS

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Great Jane Austen Tweets, Cool Reasons to Buy Homemade

Great Jane Austen Tweets

These are just some of thankful planets fave Jane Austen Tweets
We will add more as time people as time goes on

1. One of Lou and my favorite Jane Austen posters
2. does theater production of great literature. Plans to bring Emma to the stage
3. interesting tweets
5. not strictly Jane Austen but a lot of Fun an English Gentleman in our times

Cool Reasons to Buy Homemade

1. Homemade is more reasonably priced then you think selling online is a lot cheaper than buying a booth at a craft fair and the savings are often reflected in the price
2. Homemade artisans often recycle.
3. You can find great pieces online instead of having to leave the houses. There places like,, and
4. You can have an item that isn’t mass produced.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What would you Like

I have been bugging lou to put some thanksgiving and Christmas stuff in her shop as well. I bug her all the time when I fell she needs new products
What would you like to see on my blog?

1. More interviews
2. More gratitude posts
3. Featured handmade or zazzle shops of the Day

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thankful list

I am keeping this short today
I have a lot to do. I am working on another great tweeters article but it will take a week till I have time to finish it. I am also planning interviews for blog with great handmade artists.

Thankful list
By Val
Little ones

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How to Gain and Lose Twitter Presence For Business

How to Gain and Lose Twitter Presence For Business
Someone can gain and lose Twitter Presence Easily.
VH Melville

VH Melville

1. Do not follow just celebrities, if you are a celebrity or just a fan that’s okay but if you selling a product it’s not cool. It’s better to follow 4,000 and have 3,000 follow you back then follow 45 and have 300 follow you back.

2. Use tweet deck if you have a mega list of followers.

3. If you have a cause or something you that you are selling don’t follow people till you have at least 20 posts. You need people to get a flavour of your posts and 3 is not a good sample

4. Quality followers count I’ve seen people with 400 followers have more sales from selling their product than those with over 1,000.

5 Retweet other people’s posts. It’s helpful, builds followers. Also if every post is a buy me post it’s boring.

6. Make sure your posts are short enough to repost.

Movie Review Lou

Music from another room
Music from another room is a sweat romantic comedy about a five year old little boy who tells everyone he's going to marry the little girl he helped deliver. Years later he moves back to the US from England only to see her once again and fall instantly in love. She however is getting married to her long time boyfriend. Stars Jude Law, Gretchen Mol and Jennifer Tilly.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Promote Your Stuff For Free Day, Great Handmade Tweeters Goths Should Love

Promote Your Handmade or Zazzle For Free Day
Today is Promote your handmade stuff today or Zazzle Shop if have a store just put your advertisement in the comment section it’s really that simple. No R rate materiel.
Add can be in first or third person,
Add should look like Lou and is an Artist she does Goth, Fantasy, Jane Austen, funny and Oscar Wilde inspired. I’ve been featured

10 Great Handmade and Creative Tweeters Goths Should Love
I am the founder of which I used to promote my sisters zazzle shop. As I started to grow followers I learned there are some amazing zazzle posters you have to know about if you want to sell on Zazzle

1. Simply amazing Jewelry, kind poster
2. great poster, wonderful contests that promote
3. plush artist makes snuggle monsters
4. the best known steam punk artist pare on twitter. The work is amazing.
5. crafty Goth is super wonderful makes wonderful hand sew creations
6. Maker of gothic jewelry and even knitwear
7. Sews kittle monsters
8. makes gothic paper art
9. love the egghead Barrette Goths and fans cutness will love this
10. does more than Just hallloween print but check the art out.

Thankful List
Family, huby and little ones
Good Eats DVDS

Friday, October 16, 2009

62 Great handmade Posters on Twitter, Thankful List

I am going to be working on a new article and having fun with my family

62 Great handmade Posters on Twitter
I am the founder of which I used to promote my sisters zazzle shop as well as her handmade stuff. Her zazzle shop is
This not a complete list of all the handmade posters I love there were many I wanted in the top 20 but too many great tweets. I hope I don’t have doubles but if I do it means I like you twice as much.
There were a few I couldn’t get in this time and will be in More Handmade tweets.
If you want to repost this article please do so.

1. Artfire founder very helpful to people looking for
news on artfire.
2. Simply amazing Jewelry, kind poster
3. Market for handmade good tons of followers
4. One of the best sources on info for handmade
5. great poster, wonderful contests that promote handmade items
6. such a sweet and friendly poster
7. designs cute jewelry, wonderful tweeter
8. market place for handmade good
9. Soap maker with amazing twitter presence
10. the best known steam punk artist pare on twitter. The work is amazing.
11. Kind poster hair products
12. zzzValzzzArt super friendly lovely mermaid pendents.
13. Maker of gothic jewelry and even knitwear
14. Fiber metal and wood artist
15. http://Twitter: sweet tweeter very kind cute hair pins
16. Wonderful sweet and funny paper artist
17. Friendly Jewelry maker who has written helpful articles on tweeting
18. friendly great Rter lovely work.
19. plush artist makes snuggle monsters
20. makes stuffed monsters friendly tweeter
21. Knitter huge following very friendly
22. A favorite soap tweeter
23. Twitter: punky Jane wonderful jeweler super friendly
24. popular seller of bath bomb soap
25. soaps very friendly
26. paper bead making tools for paper bead enthusiasts
27. friendly Artfire jewelry designer
28. seller of art prints super friendly
29. plush artist love the owls
30. Sewing tweets
31. Belladonna Beads does amazing jewelry free shipping deals and is a friendly tweeter
32. super friendly tweeter maker of jewelry
33. Lovely scarves friendly tweeter
34. Friendly handmade tweeter sometimes runs contests
35. makes art tiles many based on sea animals
36. this poster is super friendly and just fun
37. Jewelry maker friendly
38. artist color
39. amazing knit meerKats
40. Good poster makes cute teacup jewelry
41. maker of purses from old books
42. Jewelry maker very friendly
43. Friendly tweeter just great
44. cafehandmade creators of the virtual craft show
45. creator of the famous chicken pants
46. Great Jewlery friendly
47. knit where
48. friendly jeweler
49. The place for green handmade Etsy tweets
50. groovy favor maker and designer
51. Etsy poster
52. Jewelry designer
53. Super nice tweeter
54. Jewelry designer
55. young popular artist
56. very friendly
57. friendly tweeter
58. A fave of mine. Was supposed to be among the top.
59. love the icon friendly tweeter
60. Really cute chicken plush creatures
61. Friendly and appreciative
62. I love their icon

Thankful List
Husband and Little Ones
Spiritual things
Original Art
What are you thankful for

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Climate Change, Why Handmade is Cool, Why I love Wal-Mart

I am talking about climate change calling it global warming which sometimes even I do is a misnomer it’s not warming all places but redirecting the landscapes natural weather.
You don’t need to buy fancy expensive clothes.
Pick two of the list

1. Walk more
2. Car pool
3. Plant trees

Why Handmade Online is cool
I know one of my posts is loving places like walmart and target. One of my most favorite store of all time is Amazon by the way. I don’t think saving money means I can’t buy original art. Buying handmade online usually does save a little money because the seller didn’t have to buy a 300 dollar booth but buying handmade online means I avoid the crowds of craft bizarre.

Why I love Wal-Mart
I will shop at wal-mart. I will shop at Target.
I know wal-mart. Employs some love it some hate it depending on who the managers are.
1. They became green. 1. They got rid of tree mulch. 2. They sell organic cotton shirts. 3. They got rid of BPA bottles before anyone else did. 4. They recycle. I am not paying more for something that should be every day thing. Wal-mart doesn’t guilt me to be green it just sells it to me cheap and makes me feel savvy and kind to the earth.
2. In some smaller communities working for Wal-mart is one of the few companies that provide health care for employs.
3. Some skilled employs work for wal-mart because wal-mart does have better wages in smaller communities.
4. Some stores provide the manager allows the employ to work less hours so that they can go to school.
5. Cheap prices, some $50 dollar shirts are the same quality as the Wal-Mart $11 there is just no 500% mark up. Also with Wal-Mart prices I can afford handmade originals and still save money plus the money benefits real artists.
7. Wages are actually better at wal-mart than stores that sell similar products.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good News
Lou's Over the moon Bag was chosen last week as a Today's Best

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Danny Deckchair (2003)

Danny Deckchair (2003)
Danny Deckchair is a fantastically strange film. Danny Deckchair is based on one true event, the Aussie guy in the 1960's who tied large helium balloons to his lawn chair and flew it over Australia. Danny can't wait to leave on his camping trip, but there's one problem his girlfriend decides, she'd rather go to work and sell a house to a rich semi famous guy than go on the trip. Danny cancels the trip only to find out his girlfriend was lying about why she had to work. They fight the entire day of the barbie, which ends with him tying balloons to his lawn chair and flying all the way to a small distant town. Which is were the story truly begins. This is a truly cute movie. Stars Rhys Ifans, Mirandra Otto, and Justine Clark.

Monday, October 12, 2009

My favorite Zazzle Posters on Twitter So Far
And a Little Advice too

I am the founder of which I used to promote my sisters zazzle shop. As I started to grow followers I learned there are some amazing zazzle posters you have to know about if you want to sell on Zazzle

1. the official zazzle posts. Zazzle is full of great advice. They are always friendly to me when I ask help for my sister’s zazzle stop. One hint only post @zazzle when you’re posting them directly with good news sales or asking for advice. Use #zazzle when your posting your zazzle ads otherwise you’re just spamming zazzle and keeping them from helping other sellers. I have seen people do the same add 10 times with @zazzle with the same ad.
2. Gypsylegacy is one of the most friendly giving Zazzle posters I found. Full of great advice. If you sell on Zazzle you must follow her. Her Zazzle is shop
3.* friendly tweets just love The Spotted Olive.*
4. mhartshorn friendly and supportive Zazzle shop
5. one of my fave zazzle ad re-posters

Just like heaven

Spent time with the family this weekend


Just like heaven
Just Like Heaven is one of those movies that didn't do as well as it should have. Based on a French novel entitled If Only You Were True, it's an oddly funny and sweet movie about a young doctor named Elizabeth who is wasting the best years of her life and David who is drinking away the best of his. After a car accident Elizabeth is caught between life and death and haunting David who is living in her old apartment. Though she first drives him crazy, they eventually become close and helps her fight for the right to live. This movie is right for lovers of comedies and romantic films. Just like heaven stars Reese Witherspoon, Mark Ruffalo and has a special appearance by Jon Heder.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Movie Review Gaslight

Gaslight *
Gaslight (1944) was based on an English movie. Gaslight (1940) has been re-released as The Murder in Thornton Square, however they both come on the special edition Gaslight DVD. It is about a woman who falls in love and marries a man with a mysterious past and moves into her aunt's old house where strange things start to happen. It's my favorite mystery movie and is well acted by Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman and Joseph Cotten.

Guest post from my sister Lou creator of

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thankful Thursday

What are you thankful for?
I am thankful to be able to Help others and love my family

VH Melville

Lou is going be starting a weekly or bi weekly post soon
Does any one have ideas where to sell lou’s Jewelry off line?
Outdoors does not work so well.

Bride & Predjudice *
Bride & Predjudice is a fun film. Bride & Predjudice is loosey based on Jane Austen's novel of almost the same title. Man meets girl, man insults girl and then falls for her. This movie is good for lovers of Bollywood musicals. It takes place in India, England and America. Stars Aishwarya Rai, Martin Henderson and Naveen Andrews (Lost).

Guest post from my sister Lou creator of

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Give More, No more Green Buying Guilt,

Give More
People who give more are Happier. There are many ways to give.

Green Buying Guilt
I find it harder to be eco friendly in the winter but that’s okay. Green has to stop being a catch phrase and fringe and mainstream so the word needs to lose importance.
I see a lot of fake green products that cost more money. Most real green products never use green anywhere on the label. I just don’t feel I need to spend $60 to $300 dollars on special eco blouse.
If I buy used, walmart then that gives me extra to buy off of Amazon. I am book fiend or to buy original art. I am not against spending money. I am not against giving to charity but I don’t want to spend on things I don’t need to.

I only do eco things that save me money or taste good.

Most expensive green items aren’t that green
1. Suave shampoo is one of the greener options another option is handmade cold pressed vegan soap to use as a shampoo bar.
2. Any cheap soap is green unless it’s anti bacterial. Hand soaps have less packaging than liquid even the green kinds.
3. Wet and wild nail polish contains no formaldehyde.
4.Throw a dry towel with your drying clothes. Cheaper than a laundry ball.
5. It really doesn’t matter what kind of diaper you use because cloth diapers use lots of water, if you use disposables scrape the poop out and your greener.
6. People claim chocolate isn’t green but if they can’t make enough money on it in South America they clear forests and sell the trees for wood.
7. I don’t look for the not tested on animals to be green but if you do El.F. Cosmetics are for you. Many products run around $1 or a little more depending on the store.
8. Organic wear which is sold has many products. I like their eye shadow it’s less than ten bucks works fine. Can be bought at and the packaging is like 90 biodegradable.
9. Local produce if you can get it is greener, farmer’s market or even a small garden. Organic is fine but look for local farmer’s who follow organic rules but don’t buy the certification because they savings on to you. Even cheap non organic produce from local farmer’s greener due to be being shipped less. Local produce for the most part will taste better.
10. Buy used clothes but wash them first.
11. Start a clothing swap with friends
12. Buy organic shirts from wal-mart.
13. Buy only higher end organic clothes that you really like not just because they have an organic label.
14. Eat meat sparingly go vegetarian a few days a week

No more Green Guilt 2: Green Books

I got rid of green books that were basically make you feel guilty shopping guides.

I kept Living Like Ed. It talks a lot about shopping and it mentions products to buy but it never makes you feel guilty for wanting to save money or doesn’t guilt you into buying anything and everything.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Guest post

Danny Deckchair (2003)

Guest post from my sister Lou creator of

Danny Deckchair is a fantastically strange film. Danny Deckchair is based on one true event, the Aussie guy in the 1960's who tied large helium balloons to his lawn chair and flew it over Australia. Danny can't wait to leave on his camping trip, but there's one problem his girlfriend decides, she'd rather go to work and sell a house to a rich semi famous guy than go on the trip. Danny cancels the trip only to find out his girlfriend was lying about why she had to work. They fight the entire day of the barbie, which ends with him tying balloons to his lawn chair and flying all the way to a small distant town. Which is were the story truly begins. This is a truly cute movie. Stars Rhys Ifans, Mirandra Otto, and Justine Clark.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Working on a gratitude article :-)

A Wedding for Bella * Guest Post

Guest post from my sister Lou creator of

A Wedding for Bella was originally titled The Bread, My Sweet. It's an oddly cute movie about Dominic a corporate head hunter who helps his brothers run a bakery on the side. Bella an older woman he loves like a mother is dying and the only thing she wants is to see her daughter Lucca get married to a nice boy. When Lucca suddendly returns home after living in Mexico for two years Dominic tells her about her mother and asks her to marry him or rather pretend to marry him to make her mother happy. Stars Scott Baio, Kristin Minter and Rosemary Prinz as Bella.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Green is the New Frugal

Green is the New Frugal

I have been more eco friendly today than last week though I did get rid of one of my green books it was so preachy it made people around me more annoyed than inspired.
I kept my Living like Ed which was perfect and non judge mental . I am trying to find balance for being eco friendly.
Books that say everything is toxic and you should spend, spend spend turn people off from being green. Most of the best green products are not labled that.
Green is the New Frugal.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Little Eco

Little Eco
My little one lost her back pack is going to school with my more snazzy hippy grocery bag. She's getting a new bag from grandma

My sister is starting a web shop for zazzle
any ideas for what you would like in it

I wanted to see a new eco DVD at the library but I didn't have time.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Film review: A crude Awakening: The Oil Crash

My computer crashed. I will admit I enjoyed the vacation. I am on the computer less.

Film review: A crude Awakening: The Oil Crash
I tried to like this film but I was sadly disappointed with it.
I loved the beginning with the cute and oddly informative old petroleum films but this film could not overcome it's flaws.
An Inconvenient Truth which had depth, data and coherence was engaging. A Crude Awaking was more a lot of flashy Photography without a lot to say so they repeat themselves.
The film makers would cover a subject just to have it turn up 15 minutes later for no reason. They kept going back to people who needed their segments cut to five or ten minutes TOPS. The deleted scenes were better than half of what made it to film.
The worst part was that the film was completely was dismissive of making life style changes and alternative fuels.
Dismissing alternative fuels will cause countries just to dig for more coal when oil finally does run dry.
It didn’t even touch human powered appliances. How could they not interview an Amish man without looking into human powered appliances?
They made no mention of using ammonia as car fuel, or alternatives to plastic.
It also blames the finical crises strictly on oil when real estate also had a big part of it.
Oil cannot be replaced with one thing solar and wind can power homes, hybrids to drive.
To call the American Dream dead instead of changing was wrong and a lie.
I don’t have a dream to commute 30 miles each day. Most people don’t want a long commute and many of us don’t have the same dream of our parents.
This would have been a much better film with 40 minutes trimmed and with an interview with someone positive like Ed Begley Jr at the end.
I think the directors should do more films after they educate themselves on alternative fuels.

A relative’s shirt shop

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Budget Green Living

Budget Green
Here some ideas to live Eco friendly on the cheap.

Reduce make up costs

Organic wear Eye Shadow biodegradable packaging only $8

E.L.F . Cosmetics many products range $1 to $2
Available from and

House hold cleaning
Baking soda in your own cabinet or most local grocery stores. Can clean with it brush teeth and put in bath water.
Vinegar kills germs without the sweeping dangerous kill good bacteria effect of anti bacterial products.
Available in your own cabinet or most local grocery stores
Recycled toilet paper available at

Good Stuff
Reusable grocery bags and organic cotton shirts available at walmart.
Used furniture available at thrift stores, yard sales and in a family member's attic.
Vintage outfits can be found at thrift stores and clothes swaps
Books can be found at the library. Eco books can be found at
If you have to pay.
I won a Bag from this store

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Green Your Vacation

Green Your Vacation
1. Combine work with pleasure some businesses will allow family to come along on business trips so it's partial vacation partial work and forgo the regular vacation.
2. If you are traveling to foreign lands many locals create beautiful crafts from recycled products.
These are so much cooler than a plastic key chain.
3. Vacation in one town over or in your own town. We did this for our summer vacation. We bought beloved television shows new and used, games, and planned local activities. This can save money. Find if there are safe walking trails of the place you are visiting. You can even choose a hotel close to home if you feel like having room service.
4. Bring reusable thermoses or water jugs instead of buying bottled water.
5. Use GPS so you won't get lost and lose more gas.
6. Do free offsets which I talked in depth before or buy offsets for plane use.
7. Do a volunteer vacation that benefits others.
8. Road trip with a hybrid
9. Mystery train ride
10. walking trip
11. Vacation within 150 miles, This can be a lot less stressful if you have kids than a big trip. If you're lucky to have a second run movie theater or a drive in these can be economical and fun.
12. Eco Hotels of The World is a site and book. Remember if your hotel is local you can save on airfare.
13. Bike trip.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Top 37 ECo tweets

Top 37
The ones after 22 I wanted to add in the original article but I had misplaced some of the links and others I could not get into deadline.
This was original names I wanted. It's not in order of importance to me every tweet here deserves to be in the top ten.

I want to add some to the main list every once in a while till I get to 50 or.

1. Changeca encourages members to fight for BPA bans
2. thesmartmama an advicate
3. edbegleyjr ed Begely Jr is more than an actor he is true green
4. Algore former vice president founder of the modern green movement which teaches you can have fun and make money being green
5. Treehugger one of the best eco blog ever
6. safercans a must have for those trying to ban BPA
7. Twighlight Earth helpful and popular
8. Ecomonday the founder of ecomonday also goes by
9. Treebanker combines business with eco friendliness
10. theEcoDiva a very popluar glamar tweet
11. greenbaby_nyc friendly mom blog
12. easyecotogo a friendly eco mom blog 14
13. Ecosaveology wonderful and friendly
14. CelebrateGreen
15. Ecorazzi Green gossip
16. EcoEinstein
17. MotherEarthNews This is the tweet version of the famous mag
18. saferstates
19. tweetcongress not an eco tweet but one greenies can use to activists on BPA
20. EcoInteractive very popular eco tweet
21. biggreenpurse
22. pattysgreen teaching the young, kids show
23. simplystephen50
24. MotM_EcoFashion eco clothes
25. ecofashionista eco fashion
26. DerekMarkham
27. DirectorsDesk
28. DianeMacEachern wrote the book big green purse
29. Mamagoesgreen another mom blog
30. Greenmoms Green mom carnival
31. greenmom a green mom blog
32. Greenopia a staple for greenies with great green news
34. Ecochickie a popular green writer
35. Grist Eco Journalism with a bit of satire
36 Sierra_Magazine well established magazine in green
37. RnfrstAlliance Rainforest Alliance helps save the Rainforrest by helping businesses make simple changes

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tweets for Homemakers

Best Tweets for Homemakers
For those Homemakers and house wives here are three some cool ones
I will be adding a few to this in the next few days.

Also one or two of these tweets are political on opposite sides of the spectrum and might not reflect my view. I just think that people should be allowed to have views and still have my respect even if I am different

retrohousewife5 for eco housewives and homemakes

HomemakerBarbi classic sweet and wonderful nine

creativemoms creative and neat

leangreenmom a classic must read

frugalforlife live frugal not cheap

1retrohousewife fun tweets blog on frugality and politics

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some Of the Best 22 Eco Tweets on twitter

Some Of the Best 22 Eco Tweets on twitter

Some of the Best Eco Tweets, but not all I did not include garden tweets and most of business. There were dozens I could not include because I had to stop myself at 22.
Though I think I will do a twitter green business. I have seen many other list that did unthinkable things like forget the activists, great mom tweets, and they even forgot ed Begley jr.
The list is not in the order of importance.

If you want to add your favorite eco posters on twitter leave it in the comment section.

1. Changeca encourages members to fight for BPA bans
2. thesmartmama an advicate
3. edbegleyjr ed Begely Jr is more than an actor he is true green
4. Algore former vice president founder of the modern green movement which teaches you can have fun and make money being green
5. Treehugger one of the best eco blog ever
6. safercans a must have for those trying to ban BPA
7. Twighlight Earth helpful and popular
8. Ecomonday the founder of ecomonday also goes by
9. Treebanker combines business with eco friendliness
10. theEcoDiva a very popluar glamar tweet
11. greenbaby_nyc friendly mom blog
12. easyecotogo a friendly eco mom blog 14
13. Ecosaveology wonderful and friendly
14. CelebrateGreen
15. Ecorazzi Green gossip
16. EcoEinstein
17. MotherEarthNews This is the tweet version of the famous mag
18. saferstates
19. tweetcongress not an eco tweet but one greenies can use to activists on BPA
20. EcoInteractive very popular eco tweet
21. biggreenpurse
22. pattysgreen teaching the young, kids show

Monday, June 15, 2009

Greening Gone Easy

Greening Gone Easy
VH Melville
1. If you are not vegan reduce beef eating to either twice a week or twice every other week.
2. Don't buy anti bacterial soap
3. Get a hybrid car, or take public transportation, or share a car.
4. Buy vintage clothes
5. Use libraries
6. Buy ebooks
7. Get crank lamps instead of flashlights

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cloth Bag

I made a mistake today and forgot my cloth bag. The plastic bag was flimsy and had holes in it by the time I walked home. I missed the durability of my cloth bag.

I dabble in PR. I never was trained in it but worked for a nonprofit as the PR director. I did better job than the professional who they actually paid years before I took on the role. The difference was I was committed and she wasn't. You need to commit yourself.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


You must get Living Like Ed by Ed Begley, Jr if only for the tofu brownie recipe. It's an amazing green book. I love how the book doesn't include the snobbery of a lot of other green imitators. It is one of the best green books I own.

People are requesting my thankful lists to be posted on twitter. I love writing them.

Baked Cookies

Did the eco activist thing in-between playing with my little ones and baking cookies.
I also worked on looking up wind and solar panels from a family member who swore she'd never be green. I did an extra laundry day today but hung dried the whole load. I have an exta rod to hang clothes in the middle of the tub.

Thankful list
1. Husband and Little ones
2. Cloth grocery bags
3. eBooks
4. twitter activism
5. Stickers

What are you thankful for?

New computer

New computer
My computer gave up the ghost and my monitors were fried. So My husband gave me an old laptop and ordered me new comp parts and two energy saving monitors. They finally all came in.
Last night and this morning were the first time I could add real edits on my green book. I like the look of it now but it's different than any other green ebook out there. I hope that people like it and it helps.
Twitter has been helpful with my green activism. I sent letters that got me nowhere but these same people were on twitter and I got better replies.

Staycation will happen sometimes this month or next or it might just be on evening when little ones in bed it's been fun so far.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Ways for Writers to be Fantastically Green Part One

Ways for Writers to be Fantastically Green Part One
VH Melville
I am the author of the soon to be released Ecotastic, the Fabulously Free Green Guide. I am also the author of Death Toys for Quasar at Diskus publishing.
1. If you run a blog to promote your writing think it is a button you put on your blog that people can make pdf copies instead of printing and creating paper waste destined for landfills. Tip from twitter handle @imagenie .
2. If you want to save trees buy packets of seeds and give them as your door prizes.
3. Grow a story garden. A county or school garden where author cover plaques can be made of which other donated what trees and vegetables.
4. Eat less meat. You don't have to become vegan just three to four meet free dinners a week can help the earth and save you money for your writing as well.
5. Twitter about your green causes and maybe slip in a note about your writing. I haven't been using twitter but it's a great PR tool and it's also away to get quick green tips.
6. Use a mug instead of foam or plastic cups.

Death Toys for Quasar by VH Melville

Thankful List

Husband Little ones
powdered milk

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Post Your Follow Fridays and Thankful Thursdays Here

I'm working on a new way to do Follow Friday thankful Thursday.
The new way to recommend people seems to be to create dynamic content.

Since I've been told that @yourtwiiternamehere will now be private for people following you
only. I personally think that's what DM are for and I love recommends from
people I trust.

I will post my recommends on the twiiterso that my followers can see them. Though One or two might not know about it.
So I decided to post my recommends here that way I can go more in
depth. You can post your recommends in my comment section Thursday
till Monday.
No spam.
I will also have select guest posters as well with their recomend.
Many of my recomends are green but not all.

Not all are following me but if they follow you pass it on.

Just don't recommend porn tweets this is not that sort of
site it’s green and family. No recomending your own site but you can
put a short bio
with your tweet name.

These are my Thankful Thursday, Follow Friday, Ecomonday recommends.
You do not have to follow me to post but you will get updates more
regularly if you do.

@imagenie magic and learning

@EnergyBook a friendly tweet
@CardboxDiva friendly to advice and kind. Uses shredded paper for packing.
@greencleaningmd very friendly asks for advice instead of just posting ads

Green Info
@Greenopia good articles a lot of people retweet this poster and for reason.
@EcoMonday a haven for learning of new green sites
@greenbaby_nyc if you are green parent this is a must have follow
@Ecosaveology so kind and thoughtful
@ecocheckie good posts

Baked Goods

Helpful peeps
@joyntheir so friendly and helpful


More Eco Sins
I threw stuff out today. I am also looking to plan a vacation but I
am going to make it closer than originally planned.

Time Management
I am saving time I am using tweet deck more but still use the web too
but the deck is faster. I also got rid of some of my old blogs.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Learning Ideas

Learning Ideas
VH Melville
These are my favorite
I home school during the summer. a lot of free interactive stories teaches reading and vocabulary. They also sell materiel for schools and homeschoolers. Go to speech stores online and make your own products. I made a flip book of rhyming words including the photo of difficult to pronounce words.
Discarded magazines are great for learning new words.

Music and movement
Favorite songs
Can be combined with controlled bouncing, bubbles or dancing.

Signing time and baby syringing time. Can be at some libraries and on some PBS stations.
Baby babble One and two. Baby babble two is my favorite of the two DVDS but my little one loved one
They might Be Giants Here come the 123s great music without making you nuts.
They might Be giants here come the abcs

Monday, May 11, 2009

Simple Ways to Green Work at Home Businesses

Simple Ways to Green Work at Home Businesses

Working at home can be very green from just cutting out the commute but here are more green up business ideas from work at home.

1. Ship with shredded paper or edible corn based peanuts instead of home. packs products in such a way.
2. Use virtual cards as reminder cards to clients instead of post cards. Make them personal though.
3. Sell a product that is partially recycled but better if it's something you don't have to pay for.
4. Get a water filter and quality mugs reusable water bottles.
5. Turn off the lights of rooms you aren't using.
6. Use the library for research
7. Instead of getting in your car to find people to mentor you look for places such as twitter.

Thankful List
Husband, little ones
wheat grinder

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Green Wedding Gift Ideas

I've been working on my eBook again in the past couple of days.
I also am working some easy green birthday party ideas but I want to try them out first.

Green Wedding Gift Ideas
VH Melville
Many of these items can be purchased on Amazon.
1. A $25 to $300 dollar gift certificate to a favorite online green store "find out if they expire quickly"
2. Cloth shower curtains if they are polestar which is still better than plastic but not as nice as organic cotton or hemp range from $11 to $20. Hemp shower curtains are usually $40 to $60.
3. A basket with organic herb seeds, a nice cup to grow seeds $15 and under unless you buy a lot of seeds.
5. Shea butter and bamboo wash clothes From $10 to $50
6. A bamboo cutlery set
7. If you can sew a homemade quilt of recycled cloth would be nice and cost effective.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Green Journey

My Green Journey

I've always been a little green since I was 17 but now I am going further. I made a deal with my husband green wouldn't cost anything more and made a deal with myself that green would cost less and save us money. I don't think debt is green. I don't think buying things just because they have a green label is green. Right now I live very comfortably but love the challenge. It then gives more money for fun things and activities.
I bought "Green lotions" just to find they were packaged in PVC which I have talked about on twitter.
Of course I can buy fun stuff with the savings that are cheap and sustainable.
I did make some green investments with yearly mad money my little amazing hanging dryer. Yes it’s flimsy but saved more in electricity bill than it cost $12 with shipping. I also use free plastic hangers with clothes because the local store doesn't recycle them.
I will only offset for free meaning I use clickable rainforest charity sites, charity search engines and let advertisers pay my offsets. An offset is a fee for an eco sin.
I have eco sins. We all do. Sometimes I have to ride a plane, sometimes I throw things out I know I should give away but was too busy.
I don't recycle as much as I want to so I use more reusable items.
It's honestly easier to twitter than do the blog but the blog is where I plan for now to park my free eBooks. I have children's eBooks edited with art and a green book for adults I am working on.
I will use the blog for news and articles too long to fit in twitter. I also might get other posters as well.

1. Lower my foot print and have fun.
2. I want to not just have organic options but ban the most toxic of chemicals and pestides so even people who can't buy or get organic foods will bennifit.
3. Helping other be green for free. Well kind of free. The eBooks as I stated in early posts are pay it on.

I am into other things too
1. Children's education
2. Baking
3. My Wii "Not green but so fun" I do put on a power strip though. It also keeps my happy at home.

I had a self pity party winter it was a bad winter and hope to get back to my thankful self.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Save Money by turning off the Lights

My husband told me how the electricity bill was this month. It was 88 dollars it will be higher in the winter because we need more light. I am not sure I can top that or match this month. I had to laundry almost 4 or five days straight but I only used the dryer twice the first time damp dry mode. I wrote an article on spirituality and being green.

1. I am keeping the lights off when I don't need them.
2. I unplug stuff and added other stuff to power strips
3. I am partially drying clothes over the tub.
4. I make use of my crank lamp but need a more powerful one.

Thankful list

Husband little ones
Baked goods
Being able to spend money on fun stuff instead of power bills
I am thankful to be able to be green

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Green Tip: Weddings Green Ebook,

Another Tip on Cheap Green Weddings
Have the bridesmaids to pick any dress they want in your wedding colors. All the dresses will be different but the brides maids and matron will have something they might wear again and not throw out. (I did this for my wedding I should have picked green white and pink instead of green and white so that some could wear pink or green dresses. Green was hard to find for some of the women)
I worked more on my green ebook in the past few days. I am wondering where I should park my free ebooks. I am already thinking of a second green ebook if the first one does well more on greening fun stuff like parties

I did laundry two days in a row and might have to do three, but I will not need to dry them in the dryer. I need to do this because I want a laundry free weekend.
I also cleaned the coils under my fridge as advised to by in the Book Living like Ed. I hope this improves my fridges efficacy.

I feel a little down today but I am still thankful

thankful list
Husband and Little ones

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cheap Green Weddings, What Have you Done this April, Gratitude

I have to do laundry today. I don't feel like it, but I will do it.

Cheap Green Weddings
With the recession a lot less people are getting married but remember a low cost wedding can be your greenest option. So if you're instead of a debt causing bore fest you want to make it a green delight.

1. Used dress, rented or dress from floor sale store. My dress was from a floor sale store was already made for an order that didn’t come through.
2. My then boyfriend (now husband) and I made invitations at staples which saved us over $200 but another option is virtual invitations. Most of them are free. Some people might not like the new way invitations are done but were living in a modern virtual world.
3. Use edibles as favors because most people don't keep favors
4. Vegetarian options are often cheaper
5. Get cheap seeds and make little plants for guests
6. Hunt yard sales and thrift stores for odds and ends like silk flower bouquets. Yes silk is not as green as fresh but recycling is green.

What Have you Done this April
It's the end of the month of April. Here is just some of what I have done this month. Think of what you done.

1. I have you contacted political figures to ban BPA from canned food. Where I live canned food is needed because fresh food is not always available.
2. I baked a wacky cake from scratch
3. I made burnt fudge
4. I educated my little ones about god and earth
5. I bought tofu
6. I read articles
7. I worked on my green ebook
8. I worked on my educational ebook
9. I earned free offsets
10. I worried about Swine flu
11. I actually started using twitter after a full year
12. I de-cluttered
13. I baked rolls
14. I enjoyed being a homemaker but hated cleaning :-)
15. I used wii's gold gym game

Make a list of two things your thankful for and go from their
Husband and little ones would be top of mine.
Let people know

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I am posting this on both my blogs

What about the woman or man who can only by BPA lined canned vegetables because they live in remote places? Shouldn't they have access to good food as well. BPA is linked to host of developmental delays.

Talk to your state political figures about removing BPA from the lining of cans. Be polite and have links and references to studies.

Thankful List
Husband and little ones
wi gold's gym

Monday, April 27, 2009

Wheat Grinder

I got my mother's day gift early a brand new wheat grinder. My husband ground wheat for me. Yay! This grinds so much better than my last grinder. The grain is much finer. I baked a wacky cake with mostly wheat flour yesterday.
I am thinking of cupcakes mmm.

None of the stores around town sell baking powder without Aluminum. They don't sell carob either.

I forgot one of my weight sessions this weekend. I hope to remember today.

I don't think organics are an eco sin if I don't buy them I think reducing meat is better than going all organic.

Thankful List
Husband and little ones

Friday, April 24, 2009

Eight sort of Cheap Ways to go Green, get the smog out

I feel like veging out today but I have a lot to do.

Eight Sort of Cheap Ways to go Green
I updated this.

1. Use baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice to clean instead of high priced toxic cleaners.
2. Go to thrift stores for clothes.
3. Unplug the wii or ex box or put it on a power strip and shut the power strip off.
4. Get rid of basic cable on TV. TV shows you a lot of commercials making you want to buy toxic, wasteful, and just plane extravagant items we don't need. Men and women learned through commercials woman prefer diamonds. Glass and manmade diamonds shine just as bright and don't have to be mined in inhumane ways. I buy some quality shows new. I use Netflix. I'd rather get planet green shows on Netflix anyway. Netflix has movies you can see on your computer.
5. Get clothes at thrift stores. Yes you want to wash older clothes but in reality people also try on new clothes so you'll want to wash them first unless they come four in a pack and can't be tried on.
6. Stop buying bottled water. Bottled water in most cases is filtered tap. Most people don't recycle the bottles.
7. Go to the library more. There are lots of books there and you will make less regretful purchases that will end in a dump or you trying to return it.
8. Instead of going out to eat bake together.

Thankfull Planet: Get The Smog out

It's not a just challenge it's a virtual party
this was posted yesterday. I think I will post the rules for a few days.

Why do we want to reduce smog?
1. Smog bothers children and adults with autism or sensory issues.
2. Smog bothers people with asthma
3. Smog makes the air stink and burns the eyes
4. What about our taste buds do they effect the flavor of cupcakes?
5. Outdoor exercise is less fun if you can't breathe.

Fight smog
Ways to fight smog find two, three or four things from the list
1. Go to free sites that plant trees in exchange for you viewing advertising and plant free trees.
2. Stop smoking, smoking not only increases smog in the home it sometimes leaches heavy metals into the ground when tobacco products are thrown to the ground.
3. Support wind power by calling your local electric company and demanding it. Modern wind power uses techniques that assure bird safety. As wind power grows we can shift people formally working as coal miners and in coal plants as wind farmers.
4. Plant a garden.
5. Buy tree seeds and give them as gifts.
6. Go meat free three to four breakfasts and dinners a week unless you live within a fifty mile to a farm. Shipping meat from far away in refrigerator trucks makes more smog.
7. Use public transportation.
8. Build food storage if you live 20 minutes from a store or more.
9. Drive Less

On Earth Day
I made some homemade rolls last night for today. I exercised.
I ate refried beans. "Husband helped me make"
Later watched Simpsons DVD set. It was second hand from Amazon plus the Simpsons has funny but green message.
I wanted to make brownies.
I also emailed a politician about BPA removal in canned foods. I wasn't planning on doing it on earth day it just needed to get done.
All and all I just did stuf that I normal do that's green.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

How was Your Earth Day, Get the SMOG OUT

I will repost the cheap green article and replace it with the smog out.

I didn't get to bake my earth day brownies since I baked homemade yeast rolls.
I also felt overly full.

Sorry I keep updating this.

Thankfull Planet: Get The Smog out
It's not a just challenge it's a virtual party

Why do we want to reduce smog?
1. Smog bothers children and adults with autism or sensory issues.
2. Smog bothers people with asthma
3. Smog makes the air stink and burns the eyes
4. What about our taste buds do they effect the flavor of cupcakes?
5. Outdoor exercise is less fun if you can't breathe.

Fight smog
Ways to fight smog find two, three or four things from the list
1. Go to free sites that plant trees in exchange for you viewing advertising and plant free trees.
2. Stop smoking, smoking not only increases smog in the home it sometimes leaches heavy metals into the ground when tobacco products are thrown to the ground.
3. Support wind power by calling your local electric company and demanding it. Modern wind power uses techniques that assure bird safety. As wind power grows we can shift people formally working as coal miners and in coal plants as wind farmers.
4. Plant a garden.
5. Buy tree seeds and give them as gifts.
6. Go meat free three to four breakfasts and dinners a week unless you live within a fifty mile to a farm. Shipping meat from far away in refrigerator trucks makes more smog.
7. Use public transportation.
8. Build food storage if you live 20 minutes from a store or more.
9. Drive Less

On Earth Day
I made some homemade rolls last night for today. I exercised.
I ate refried beans. "Husband helped me make"
Later watched Simpsons DVD set. It was second hand from Amazon plus the Simpsons has funny but green message.
I wanted to make brownies.
I also emailed a politician about BPA removal in canned foods. I wasn't planning on doing it on earth day it just needed to get done.
All and all I just did stuf that I normal do that's green.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day
For years I had the grist attitude of not celebrating because I was eco friendly all of the year. Though I maybe worded it a bit more sweetly.
I made brownies the 21 but the liquid shortening separated oddly. They tasted good according to family.
Nuked mini marshmallows to watch them get all puffy.
I don't have anything yet planned for earth day. I think I will do something though.

Here is some free earth day stuff to do at home. If you have toddlers to first graders
they might enjoy the interactive story Everyday is Earth Day at

Craft ideas to make with your leftover stuff

Craft idea with bottle caps

Recycled cowboy Boot purse

Thankful list
Husband and little ones
To be born on this beautiful earth
That wal-mart removed BPA sippy cups

I Need More Cloth Bags

I Need More Cloth Bags
I need to get more cloth grocery bags. I ran out and they used plastic. I need at least three or four more. Oh well at least I am trying.

I have game meet cooking it's very local and green.
Tomorrow I hope to cook something vegetarian. I am thinking pasta, pizza or maybe beans.

I got my wii workout for today.
I was doing wii fit for months so gold's gym is a nice change. I wish I could pause it instead of just quit.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hi, Green and Frugal Ways to Start your Own Publishing Company

I washed Friday because I didn't want to wash Saturday and Sunday then I ended up having to wash a huge blanket but I hung it in the bathroom so no dryer time. Blankets like this one usually take 90 to 140 minutes in the dryer.

I was researching organic and I found out some organic isn't green because of long shipping time and low yield. Yet organic pecans has much bigger yield than sprayed pecans.
I was also looking for organic cacao and how do you know where it was really produced? Was it shade groan or chocolate that causes deforestation just sprayed less.

I made fudge again but it came out like carmel or taffy. It tasted good though. No wrappers is greener right?

I got my Gold's gym for wii fit and I like it so far.

Green and Frugal Ways to Start your Own Publishing Company
VH Melville
I've seen a lot of self and small publishers lose lots of money going through publishing.
The ways in this article might not make a lot to get you to quit your day job but these ideas can make you a published author without much expense. This is also a greener way to publish.
1. Go to for around $60 a year you can host your own store and publish as many books as you want. handles the shipping. You can also sell organic tea shirts, mugs and stickers with your book's cover. If you only have one book you plan to sell you can open the free version of the café press site. If you also wanted to start an eco store this is a cheaper solution.
2. Have a good PR plan before you publish. Is there a market for your books? Do you have marketing guidelines for your writers if you want to have submissions? Many writers don't know they are supposed to market their books. If you make this easy for them with a list of ideas and send press releases to their local papers you will make it easier for both of you.
3. One of my paper books written under another name did poorly because the publisher decided to publish before all the edits were complete. Make sure you edit or pay someone who is highly qualified to edit your books because editing is one of the most important things in book. It's not just about mistakes but tone and style.
4. If you can afford to work at home, think about things like insurance and retirement.
5. Are there other places you can sell your books besides bookstores.
6. Nonfiction books are easier to promote than fiction.
7. EBooks cost less to produce than print but may not always sell as well. But eBooks are greener and often cheaper to produce because they lack printing costs.
8. If you decide to invite other authors do not allow simultaneous submissions. That means the author cannot submit to you and other houses. I know at least one publisher who spent thousands of dollars pulling a story because the author forgot to tell her till the last minute they also submitted it at a bigger publications.

My Sci-Fi novel came out it's a comedy. I don’t know when the print version will be out. It's available on download in multiple formats.

thankful List
Husband and little ones

Friday, April 17, 2009

Free Carbon Offsets "I hit goal"

A carbon offset is a fee to pay for eco sin
the less eco sins you have the less you have to pay

I found clickable ways to save trees and have advertisers pay for my eco sins.
Plus rainforest got saved, and trees got planted.

I thought I had earned enough with free carbon offsets last night for this years sins but I found out my math was a bit off and I also still owed some for de-cluttering. I would have been over the top but some of the clickable charities I should have it all "paid" for in an hour.
The big ticket items like plant a tree were usually one time deals. Some sadly were expired so I would have had this finished days ago. I will continue some of them. I will save some for next year but some I will donate to friends who are going green.
Yesterday was my article day. I wrote four of articles for a zine that sometimes publishes me so that I can submit one a month without having to take too much time away from the important stuff like family.
I also wrote an article for the blog which might end up in the book instead. I am thinking of doing a few eco party articles to add to my book. I read a lot of great articles but none are like mine.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Forgetting Salt, Thankful List

Forgetting Salt

Yesterday I made a crock pot of beans for my husband's famous refried beans. He informed me we had no salt. I rushed to the store. I told him I needed to get some baby shower gift anyway. I usually get supper practical gifts like wipes but I didn't know until my second little one most wipes are not eco friendly. He suggested forging practical.
They cannot be flushed like toilet paper and they are not reusable like cloth.
I walked to the store so I didn’t burn any gas up. I bought salt, a salt shaker, and some lovely play outfits I needed for that baby shower. I did get a practical greener item as well BPA free sippy cups. I did forget my cloth bags normally in my diaper bag, grrr.
My husband loved the gifts I picked.

It made me think of green birthdays for kids and adults. I think for my next birthday which will be in the summer I want it green. I will be 35 and want it to be special and meaningful.

Today I am making pasta.

Thankful List
True Love "Husband"
Little ones

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Folding Laundry
I want a laundry folder but I have not seen one in bamboo or recycled plastic.
Any ideas to make my own?

I think I found out what was wrong with the surge protector and it fixed it. Now the wii is on it and I can now shut the wii off. I don't know how much electricity this will save but lets see.

Wish list
I want a crank lamp I can read by but not right now.

Earth Day
I am not sure I can pull off the earth day party that I wanted to.
I might do some little gifts I already have to family but not anything big.

Thankful List
Husband and little ones
Children's scriptures
Getting back in the apartment after getting locked out
My laundry hanger

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Eco Life

My Eo Life
Making play dough is more eco friendly than buying clay. I made peanutbutter play dough. MMMMMMM

My found surge projector isn't working so I need a new one because I want to turn off my consoles without effecting anything else.
I have to do more free offsets before I have fun and watch mythbusters on netflicks today.

Weight Training was done earllyer in the day. I've been putting it off till later.

My Green Ebook
I've discovered a whole bunch of green ideas I am putting in my eBook. Going green for many things s actually cheaper.
The ebooks done but we are going through first edits where I add more difine information and clarify issues. Then it's going to two more for polishing before I add the art and do the final little polishing.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Another free way to offset, My Eco Sins

Another free way to offset your carbon

My Eco Sins
I have to be honest and not hide my mistakes.
I tried to be extra eco friendly last week because I knew this weekend would not be so friendly so I did the smaller loads this week with no dryer.
I ended up with 5 loads done. The first load I lined dried superbly.
I did dry them together but that still was 90 minuets. That was not my eco sin.
I think I did well with the laundry.

My eco sin.
I needed to get rid of some toys last minute because of the clutter and because the little ones were using the toys to stand on.
The thrift store shut down right before we moved here so I had no place to donate. You usually call your friends and say do you need this. I really only know a few people and all have too many toys.
With the old printer that was easy to recycle but things like toys.
My home is not a landfill but I do want to want to reduce landfill space. Some of these items were second hand but I wish I could pass this stuff on. I really need to get rid of it fast. I have a lot more stuff. It's hard for me to be green on fly lady and I fell off being Fly Lady OP. "on program"
Others I see can do both easily. I might do a diff speed cleaning program.
I had luck with a bag it program as well. I might combine.
I have to create a balance with both. I need to find away to do both. It's really hard without the thrift store.
I do luckily have a place to get rid of the books I don't need. I will be tossing them into the free pile at the library within the next few weeks.
I felt bad at first but I feel better without the clutter.

Next Year
Next year I plan to get an MP3 player instead of CDS. I am thinking audio books.
I am going to get them more used DVDS instead of new ones.
Eventfully I want to get a kindle which will use a lot less space but I can't get it now because we have no good wireless network.

What are your eco sins

Thankful List
Husband's back from his trip
My oldest little one developing better language skills
My little little one is singing a song

More on the free Mini Ebooks.

The mini eBooks won't cost money but will be a Give to someone else type system. You pay it on by doing something nice for someone else. Chose what you want to give for each book you read or give to a friend. I will come up with more ideas.

1. Drive Less
2. Plant a tree
3. Donating books to a library sale
4. Read a story at school
5. Donating sensory toys, or language DVDS to families with an autistic child, or speech delayed child.
6. Be a designated sober driver.
7. Buying seeds to give away
8. Starting a county garden
9. Giving working items you do not need away to a thrift store
10. Using a re-usable water bottle for drinking
12. Donating care packages to a woman's shelter.
13. Donate babysitting time for a special needs child.
14. Have a white elephant party with all gifts exchanges being used.
15. Donating language DVDS to an OT or speech therapist.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Have a Happy Easter

Hope you have a Happy Easter I have a lot still to do before tomorrow.
I just sent my virtual Easter cards. Online virtual cards are greener than paper cards. They don't need to be shipped.
I made a whole bunch of Pasta. I worked on one of the semi free ebooks that will before this site.
I made a batch of weird candy. It was an experiment and more a foam then a fudge but it's not runny.

I have easter calls to make for those who don't get emails.
I still have to work on on the free books that this or another site will host.
They will be pass it on books. You pay by doing something nice for someone else.

I better go do my weekend weight training.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Fudge, Rolls, and offsets

I realized we needed rolls for the next day. I tried on a little dry and earthy but good warm. I am waiting for them to cool while I post this blog.

More Easter Preparations aka "Easter Fudge"
I made a second batch that wasn't burnt but I had requests for "burnt" from my oldest.
Both batches set. The burnt batch is in the freezer.
I also put the good batch in the freezer in a container. When I finish the chocolate powder I plan to purchase organic.
Not all organic things are good for the environment but chocolate is one of the products I found does matter.
My coco powder which is so good was a gift from my mom. I am planning to use it all up.
Dark chocolate is so good for you.
I will probably make a fresh batch Sunday now that I know I can make real fudge. I am thinking of making old fashioned vinegar candy as well.

Eco Laundry
I hung all my laundry up in my hangers, and drying hanger today instead of part dryer. I am expecting a huge Almont of laundry to wash this weekend so I wanted to offset it and hang dry it even though
I can't do this outside due to the weather but the bathtub works fine.

Weight training
Weight Training Yes I did Thursdays. I am on a special training schedule while it's every day you only work certain muscles on certain days so my muscles should get rest.

Free Carbon Offsets
I only earned a couple of those today. I was busy.

Thankful List
Husband and little ones
Mother in Law
Children's scriptures
My Wii fit
My hanging dryer
Free offsets
Frozen vegetables
Fresh baked rolls
A big pot of pasta with black eyed pees

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter, Ideas for Earth Day

I burnt my easter fudge :-( will still eat it.

Ideas for Earth day
Maybe we should stop being activists for the day and make being Earth Day Fun.
I never really got into Earth Day. I don't believe in being eco friendly once a year.
Just like I don't believe in being Just a Christian one day a week.
I also found that claims by the media that earth day was founded by criminal Ira Einhorn a very disturbing. This is actually not true. He didn't found Earth day. He was merely one of the speakers at the first event and gave a peace sign. Some say he wasn't invited to speak he crashed it.
I also was ashamed in how other eco activists treated cashers on earth day for the stores carrying plastic. The casher has no power in the store. It's up to you to carry a cloth bag not the cashers.
I am not sure exactly what I will be doing this earth day.
I have some ideas though but not sure which ones I will go for.
1. Read an eco story to your kids. There is a free Earth Day interactive story on
2. Have a white Elephant party. Where everyone takes something they already have wrap it. Wrapping paper can be old Christmas paper or catalogs, comics or junk mail, old gift bags, maps, or already purchased cloth grocery bags. Then it's exchanging time. This can be one time or people can could do bids on something they really like. "Not sure this will happen this year, but it be so much fun."
3. Buy some seeds and organic chocolates give them to people you love. Make some homemade candy. "If i can get around to making Easter candy first."
4. Take a walk.
5. If your Christian or spiritual talk about God creating the earth to your children and that we must take care of the earth for God.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More on Free Green

I worked more on getting free offsets. Some of what I found will be in my new ebook.
I am thinking of calling it Ecotastic, the Fabulously Free Green Guide. I just got more done.
The only thing I really did was the Easter Baskets.
Okay now that I think of it I contacted a few people about green articles.

I had planned to try to make Easter candy today but the day slipped away even without a nap.
I did get in my weight training and couple cups of hot chocolate. The hot chocolate wasn't very green.
I would like to get some orgainic chocolate powdered. I know shade grown is green but not found much shade grown.

Eco tip #
Send ecards instead of holiday cards. You save a lot of emissions on a card that could be sent and printed instantly.

Thankful list
My husband
Each day with my little ones

Easter Candy

I cannot go Easter shopping this week for candy. Oh well I will bake some homemade cupcakes, maybe candy and do spiritual lessons. It will be better more on the spirit and less on the bunny. I hope. It will also create less waste.

Easter update
I decided to start making stuff today.

I had construction paper lying around
I made Easter grass for both girls with one sheet. Don't get the plastic kind it's messy and hard to recycle.
I made color flash cards. With the left over scraps of paper I made Easter cards for the family.
I wrapped a magazine I got from discard. I had some book purchased earlier but no one else read them.
I have some green non toxic modeling clay I had lying around and an un open tank of sea-monkeys.

I have an Easter advent from last year and I use that. Thogh One of my little ones broke a few pieces.

I am not sure if I will make fudge. I am not very good at making gudge. Seems all the candy recipes I have need powdered sugar. I did find one recipe that does not state powdered sugar which I don't have.

Gratitude Challenge
Email one person you are grateful for Knowing

Monday, April 6, 2009

Free Carbon Offsets well Kind of

Free Carbon Offsets, Well Kind of

Want to offset carbon emissions at little cost to you?

I am not talking of the tongue and cheek or rather tongue and cheat site

Yes you can offset emissions only these won't be tax deductable and credited to you these are away to offset carbon emissions for free.

I have been offsetting my carbon emissions for free with a charity search engines. I chose Arbor Day foundation as my charity. There are many charity search engines to choose from.
Also you can click on the and save some rain forest and count that as an offset.
This doesn't mean not going green. I think offsets are worthless without doing something.

Once I earn enough to be carbon Neutral I want to earn enough to sponsor someone then help them become green with very little money. Sort of random acts of Kindness.

Husband and little ones
Peanut butter
Turnip greens

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Love Others first

You cannot love yourself without loving others first. You cannot and should not be happy mistreating others.
We are happier for what we give. This why my green book will be free. This is the way I can serve others.

Thankful List
Husband and little ones
Frozen vegetables
Remembering to turn off the lights

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fools, Earth Hour

Today my wii fit cartoon which comes on when I start wii fit and had a party hat on. Each time I log on it says my wii fit isn't working, April Fools.

For those teaching Toddlers, preschoolers and Kindergarteners I want to tell you about a great site called it's has such cute animation and stories to teach ABC, Vocabulary, reading, to children. They do have a store but they have a lot of free interactive learning tools on their site.
You will need to be there to help navigate.

Turn It off
I need to get a new surge protector. We have things that need to stay on hooked on the same outlet as things that need to shut down

Earth Hour
I didn't celebrate it because I felt it was just easier for me to reduce overall than to totally shut down for one hour which would turn off my heat.

. I might celebrate earth day for the first time this year even though I have been eco friendly since 17 I drew I didn't like to celebrate earth day. I will address this in another post.

Thankful List
Husband and little ones
Peanut butter and raisons on crackers

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bills, Make up

I lowered my electricity bill by $30 I am trying to get it lowered a
bit more so it's actually under the price increase. I would like to
lower it more to pay for some of the green stuff I bought. It’s not
really about the money really it's the challenge. I made a mistake in yesterdays wash and had to rewash two loads and then that increased drying time. I hope the one day doesn't set me back.

Make Up
I bought eco friendly cosmetics in biodegradable containers.
I liked the eye shadow the best, it was only eight bucks and looks
better than $20 dollar eye shadows I've tried on. It is called Organic
wear. I need to find a good lipstick that is in a biodegradable container.

Thankful list for Today
Husband and little ones
This blog

Monday, March 30, 2009

Reasons to Buy Bargain Organics, Clutter, Thankful List

Reasons to Buy Bargain Organics

Why should you buy organic clothes or produce from a Super walmart, or organic food from Safeway's O organics line, Or aldi's new organic line?
While I do also purchases from small stores on Amazon and from smaller companies there are major reasons for shopping for bargain organics.
1 You can save money and be green. Yes if your into nice purses save for a good one but don't waste money just to make yourself feel better.
2 Places like wall-mart buy more organic cotton and if more big box companies also start organic lines that means less of the pesticide ridden stuff.
3 These business are there to make money and if I don't make other choices they will stop producing more of these items.
4 More people shop at these type of stores and you will be a bigger influence buying a $18 dollar organic jeans from walmart than $300 organic designer jeans.

I had to declutter today. Some items I have plans to give away but some must go in the trash because of the lack of recycling around in many counties.

Thankful list
Husband and Little ones
Weight training
used books

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Green Fittness Rewards

I saw great post on Starling Fitness
on bribing yourself for exercise and someone asked what if money is
tight? I wrote an article called Bribing Yourself on a Budget. I
decided to update it what if someone wants to give themselves rewards
but have them being green. While this is not strictly saving money it
has some tips for the budget minded.

Green Fitness Rewards

1. Treat yourself with a trip to the library. You get bonus points if
you walk. You can get books on fitness, being green and pampering
yourself all for free.
2. Buy used books and DVDS via Amazon. Often these have fixed shipping.
4. Get a massage with eco friendly massage creams. You can go to an
eco friendly spa.
5. Get rewards that will save you green and be green like a water
filter or re-usable water bottle.
6. If you want to reward yourself with clothes as you lose, think
thrift store and vintage. This will be a cheaper option if you're
changing sizes and need a few in between pieces. My sister has found
designer jeans for her wardrobe. Donate items you can no longer wear
as well. Your bigger sized clothes might be needed by someone else on
their weight loss journey.
7. Shop super Wal-mart for organic cotton workout clothes.
8. Get yourself new weights they are cheap and greener than going to
the gym three times a week.
9. While I don't do myself it might be a way to score
fitness gadgets others need to give away.
10. Get eco friendly hand cream. Be wary of how it's packaged. I
bought eco friendly hand cream only to find out it was packaged in PVC
#3 plastic. Shea butter would have been better and has a lot less
ingredients but even then I have to look at the container.

Thankful List
Husband and little ones
Books new and used
homemade donuts for breakfast "So unhealthy but yum"

Friday, March 27, 2009

New Article By Lois June Wickstrom

My friend Lois who loves her gym can be green wrote this article in response to my why working out at home is the greener Option Arguments in favor of a gym: I feel it's very interesting points.
I do think a gym that you can walk too or take public transportation to is greener than gym that is far away. You're also more likely to use a gym that's closer to you.
Here is the article.

Gyms can Be Green Too
By Lois June Wickstrom
1) Gyms have swimming pools. It is far more ecological to have a swimming pool that is shared by hundreds of people than to have one in your home.
2) Gyms have their own heating system. You can let your home cool down while you exercise at a heated gym (which is going to be heated whether or not you go.)
3) Gyms have classes. I can't make myself do yoga for 90 minutes at home, and I can't see myself to correct my postures. Therefore when I do yoga at the gym, I do it longer and I do it better.
4) Gyms have lots of equipment that I don't have at home. It's not ecological for me to buy weight machines that I'll use for 15 minutes 3 times a week. But like the swimming pool, it makes sense for the gym to buy them for hundreds of people to use.
5) Gyms have big hot water heaters that will be on whether or not I shower there. If I shower at the gym, that's more ecological hot water than if I shower at home. Same for the gym sauna and hot tub.

Lois sites are

Wal-mart Sale, Why Fitness Gaming is Greener than The Gym, Pizza, Why Fitness Gaming is Greener than the Gym

Wal-mart organic clothes Sale.

Wal-Mart has a sale on Organic Cotton clothes.
Check their website and put organic cotton in the search engine.
Many items are less than $10 and they have jeans for under $20
They have a few clearance items which are discounted even further.

Why Fitness Gaming is Greener than the Gym

I had first purchased a Playstation2 for kinetics and while kinetics
was fun there were not I lot of games I enjoyed playing. There were
so few fitness titles. So I gave the counsel and game to some local
teenagers at church. They already had playstation so the games would
work. I got my husband an xbox so now we each have something.
If you have a game system that still works give it or sell it.

A wii is greener because you don't have to get in a car to exercise. While I love going out I want to remove trips that can be done at home. Also time is a factor. The gym that is in walking distance does not allow children or have a day care room.
Gym does have benefits such as doing a class but unless you can walk to your gym it's not the greenest option. So if you have to do a gym and won't exercise at home combine the gym trip with other tasks and activities to cut out unneeded trips.

Fitness games I own
Wi sports
Wi fit
cleberrty sports showdown

Pre Order
Gold's Gym cardio

Games I used to own
Yourself Fitness, a great game but would not work with my new PC felt
like having a personal trainer. I might replace this with Your
Fitness Trainer which is the Wii version.
Kinetics "Fun game but the camera was not always intuitive"


I feel like making either grease laden pizza or ordering out for dinner.
I just don't feel like eating healthy. I will probably have a healthy soup for lunch though.
Too bad I don't have root beer.

Thankful List

My husband and little ones
The new mixer arrived
I did my weight training yesterday
Fresh salads
Homemade cookies
Wii fit

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Weight Training, Wii and the Gym
I am going by a book not a DVD. I was using a free book discarded at the library till my real book arrived. My book would have cost $15 new but it was out of print and I got it for around $4 with free shipping. I am a little sore due to the fact I do not have the ultra light weights required. I don’t like strength training but at the same time I absolutly love it. I love getting stronger.
I also use a wii fit for cardeo. I prefer this to the gym because it's greener. I don’t have to travel great distances.
I don’t have to pay someone to look after the little ones. Most of all I can workout when ever I want too.
Don't get me wrong. I like going out and having fun but there some trips I just don't need.

Thamkful List
Husband and little ones

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I baked cookies and muffins yesterday. The muffins only had 1/4th cup sugar in it but I forgot until I just put them in the oven.
I decided I had to try to save them so I put a little real maple syrup and brown baking splenda on the top and put them back in.
They turned out great and husband loved the sweet topping.

Read another green book, only a few pages to go.

thankful list
Husband and little ones

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Books, thankful for, Wedding, thankful list

I am reading a whole bunch of books on being green. Most I got on clearance accept for
Living With Ed. I loved the book by the way.

What are you thankful for?
We often focus on are wants but what do we have
Anything can be taken away so we must have gratitude now

I have a friend getting married. I am glad I did a frugal reception. It could be considered green today.
It had chicken from walmart, and a vegetarian chili option. I requested non diamonds because I didn't want diamonds that supported suffering. My husband got us an entertainment center with the savings.
For brides maid and Matron dresses. I let them pick out what ever they had in my wedding colors. The only thing I would have changed is I would have given seeds for favors and maybe made my wedding cake instead of buying it. But it was the best beacuse it was filled with love.

Thankful List
Husband and little ones
homemade cookies "Need to bake again"

Monday, March 23, 2009

Create your own eco Friendly products

Create your Own eco Friendly Products and store
Without having to ship anything

with Zazzle Zazzle has organic tee-shirts

Also pay store allows organic shirts and books, canvas
bags and coffee mugs.
A cheap way to start an eco store

Another way is create an eco friendly Amazon affiliate with eco
friendly products.

Thankful List
Husband and little ones
Flour for homemade bread
My hanging dryer

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weight Training, Green, Thankful chalange

Weight Training
I am doing a short but tough weight training program. I am so sore but I feel it's worth it.
I want to be stronger. Women usually don't bulk up unless they produce too much testosterone or take steroids.

I am writing an eBook on being green. It will either be free or a dollar. I think I will give it free.
I am not against to making money but I feel free might help more people with the eBook being free.

Thankful Chalange
Tell one person how much they mean to you.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Going green Being thankfull and giving free PR

Going green
I love being green. Yes some green items are a little more but I love that I am doing my part.
My latest green deal is getting used books and DVDS at Amazon. I still help the author's selling rankings, plus I am reusing items, and helping small business. Plus the shipping is way cheaper than ebay.
If you like perfect looking covers this is not for you. I have only been unhappy with one order so far.
I don't need a pristine cover since I throw the covers away. My children tear them to pieces.
I have also been able to find rare books that are out of print. I've also saved money sometimes 3 dollars but often upwards of $10 or more.
I can't buy anything except till July less because of my Amazon purchases than some major break downs.
Our wheat grinder broke and we ordered a new one. I now bake real bread because I am greener and un-processed bread just tastes so good.

Meat free Days
I stopped being vegetarian a while ago I am reducing meat again by a couple days a week
Except for my husband's lunches which will be turkey. Most of the breakfasts are meat free so that adds to it. It's all in all two to three complete meat free days.

I lost over 20 of the pounds I gained being all super busy. My husband got me a wii fit for Christmas.
I've been eating a lot healthier except for the last few days. I've been eating well just too much of it
More maintaining. I am 3 pounds from my happy weight. I love my Wii. I am no longer concerned about a number.

My little ones had a little lesson today. We took numbers and letters said the name and put them in an old spice jar. Old spice jars make lots of great learning fun such as teaching opening jars and noise makers. It's a really eco school toy. People doing Montessori spend a fortune to get tools like this.

Thankful List
Husband and Little ones
My computer is kinda fixed
My husband came home early

Free PR for Work at home

While I don't think I will get many people doing this for it's a new blog.
I thought I'd help people with stay at home work with PR.
More people work from home the less cars on the road. Helping people is green.

Q What's with the allowing people to post ad days?
We will be running this free PR opportunity for the next couple of weeks
1. Stay at home business are greener because they use less fuel
2. Also with this economy I want to help as many people as possible.
Q do you post for me?
A. No you put your information in the comment section. I do not post them for you.
Q What don't you want posted?
1. Any site that is diet supplement heavy
2. Sites Pornography
3. Something that doesn’t have a real product. No you give money to five people sort of business.
4. Items that are highly damaging to the ecosystem.

Q are you responsible for posts
A No be careful even if it seems legitimate do your research.

Q Do you have anything to sell?
A. Not right now.
Q how many times may I post
A. Every day but do not do the same add over and over again. Spam is boring talk about other issues as well. Tell us about yourself why you started your business.

Q What can I advertise?
1. A café press, zazzle, etsy or ebay store.
2. A book you have written, children's, green, educational, cooking, Literature, fitness, self help, sweet romance novels, sci-fi, fitness and more.
3. A recycled jewelry
4. Homemade Earth friendly products
5. A green or educational blog
6. An Amazon affiliate store
7. A mail order store
8. Digital movie or music store.
9. Ebook store
10. Toys from recycled plastic, wood or felt.

A family member's shirt shop
My fave is the cupcake shirt which is ironic :-) for a health site LOL

Books and Free PR
I promised a friend Lois Wickstrom I would promote
her books in todays blog -- nessie and the living stone
Nessie and the Celtic Maze

My first Post

Thankful list
Husband and the little ones
cloth grocery bags
Husband came home early
That I can walk to the grocery store