Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How to Gain and Lose Twitter Presence For Business

How to Gain and Lose Twitter Presence For Business
Someone can gain and lose Twitter Presence Easily.
VH Melville

VH Melville

1. Do not follow just celebrities, if you are a celebrity or just a fan that’s okay but if you selling a product it’s not cool. It’s better to follow 4,000 and have 3,000 follow you back then follow 45 and have 300 follow you back.

2. Use tweet deck if you have a mega list of followers.

3. If you have a cause or something you that you are selling don’t follow people till you have at least 20 posts. You need people to get a flavour of your posts and 3 is not a good sample

4. Quality followers count I’ve seen people with 400 followers have more sales from selling their product than those with over 1,000.

5 Retweet other people’s posts. It’s helpful, builds followers. Also if every post is a buy me post it’s boring.

6. Make sure your posts are short enough to repost.

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