Friday, October 16, 2009

62 Great handmade Posters on Twitter, Thankful List

I am going to be working on a new article and having fun with my family

62 Great handmade Posters on Twitter
I am the founder of which I used to promote my sisters zazzle shop as well as her handmade stuff. Her zazzle shop is
This not a complete list of all the handmade posters I love there were many I wanted in the top 20 but too many great tweets. I hope I don’t have doubles but if I do it means I like you twice as much.
There were a few I couldn’t get in this time and will be in More Handmade tweets.
If you want to repost this article please do so.

1. Artfire founder very helpful to people looking for
news on artfire.
2. Simply amazing Jewelry, kind poster
3. Market for handmade good tons of followers
4. One of the best sources on info for handmade
5. great poster, wonderful contests that promote handmade items
6. such a sweet and friendly poster
7. designs cute jewelry, wonderful tweeter
8. market place for handmade good
9. Soap maker with amazing twitter presence
10. the best known steam punk artist pare on twitter. The work is amazing.
11. Kind poster hair products
12. zzzValzzzArt super friendly lovely mermaid pendents.
13. Maker of gothic jewelry and even knitwear
14. Fiber metal and wood artist
15. http://Twitter: sweet tweeter very kind cute hair pins
16. Wonderful sweet and funny paper artist
17. Friendly Jewelry maker who has written helpful articles on tweeting
18. friendly great Rter lovely work.
19. plush artist makes snuggle monsters
20. makes stuffed monsters friendly tweeter
21. Knitter huge following very friendly
22. A favorite soap tweeter
23. Twitter: punky Jane wonderful jeweler super friendly
24. popular seller of bath bomb soap
25. soaps very friendly
26. paper bead making tools for paper bead enthusiasts
27. friendly Artfire jewelry designer
28. seller of art prints super friendly
29. plush artist love the owls
30. Sewing tweets
31. Belladonna Beads does amazing jewelry free shipping deals and is a friendly tweeter
32. super friendly tweeter maker of jewelry
33. Lovely scarves friendly tweeter
34. Friendly handmade tweeter sometimes runs contests
35. makes art tiles many based on sea animals
36. this poster is super friendly and just fun
37. Jewelry maker friendly
38. artist color
39. amazing knit meerKats
40. Good poster makes cute teacup jewelry
41. maker of purses from old books
42. Jewelry maker very friendly
43. Friendly tweeter just great
44. cafehandmade creators of the virtual craft show
45. creator of the famous chicken pants
46. Great Jewlery friendly
47. knit where
48. friendly jeweler
49. The place for green handmade Etsy tweets
50. groovy favor maker and designer
51. Etsy poster
52. Jewelry designer
53. Super nice tweeter
54. Jewelry designer
55. young popular artist
56. very friendly
57. friendly tweeter
58. A fave of mine. Was supposed to be among the top.
59. love the icon friendly tweeter
60. Really cute chicken plush creatures
61. Friendly and appreciative
62. I love their icon

Thankful List
Husband and Little Ones
Spiritual things
Original Art
What are you thankful for


  1. Hey there buddy, thanks so much for including me on your list - such a great honour! Take care hugz Val

  2. Oh!! Thank for for including me in this fabulous list of great people!! You rock Val!!

  3. I'm honored to be included in your list....You're definitely in my top ten tweeps!

  4. Thank you for the include!! You are THE best. *mouah*

  5. Awe thanks so much! Very kind of you to include me!

  6. Welcome all :-)

    Val AKA VH Melville

  7. Thanks so much! Great list....I look forward to reading these tweeters!

  8. Wow Val, Thank you so much. That was very sweet, and made my day!! I was just about to do a "gratitude" post as you had suggested, when I saw your tweet telling me to come & see this. Love it.

  9. Thank you SO much for including me, Lou! You're always so kind. And for introducing me to some greet new tweeters :)
    Leila @ ArtTileMosaics

  10. Wow- I had no idea there was even a list! Thanks so much for including me :)

    Love my twitter friends.

  11. :) Thank you for making that list :) And putting me on it :)

  12. thanks for adding me to your list

  13. Aww Thanks so much for adding me to your list!
    I just followed your blog.

  14. Thaks for including me !!!! You're a doll!

  15. Thank you Val and Lou!!! I feel so honored, you guys are the best!!!

  16. Wow, THANK Y'ALL! so much, glad to finally find your blog so I can follow. :-D

  17. I am so glad everyone like my article :-)
    I feel so blessed