Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bills, Make up

I lowered my electricity bill by $30 I am trying to get it lowered a
bit more so it's actually under the price increase. I would like to
lower it more to pay for some of the green stuff I bought. It’s not
really about the money really it's the challenge. I made a mistake in yesterdays wash and had to rewash two loads and then that increased drying time. I hope the one day doesn't set me back.

Make Up
I bought eco friendly cosmetics in biodegradable containers.
I liked the eye shadow the best, it was only eight bucks and looks
better than $20 dollar eye shadows I've tried on. It is called Organic
wear. I need to find a good lipstick that is in a biodegradable container.

Thankful list for Today
Husband and little ones
This blog

Monday, March 30, 2009

Reasons to Buy Bargain Organics, Clutter, Thankful List

Reasons to Buy Bargain Organics

Why should you buy organic clothes or produce from a Super walmart, or organic food from Safeway's O organics line, Or aldi's new organic line?
While I do also purchases from small stores on Amazon and from smaller companies there are major reasons for shopping for bargain organics.
1 You can save money and be green. Yes if your into nice purses save for a good one but don't waste money just to make yourself feel better.
2 Places like wall-mart buy more organic cotton and if more big box companies also start organic lines that means less of the pesticide ridden stuff.
3 These business are there to make money and if I don't make other choices they will stop producing more of these items.
4 More people shop at these type of stores and you will be a bigger influence buying a $18 dollar organic jeans from walmart than $300 organic designer jeans.

I had to declutter today. Some items I have plans to give away but some must go in the trash because of the lack of recycling around in many counties.

Thankful list
Husband and Little ones
Weight training
used books

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Green Fittness Rewards

I saw great post on Starling Fitness http://www.starling-fitness.com/
on bribing yourself for exercise and someone asked what if money is
tight? I wrote an article called Bribing Yourself on a Budget. I
decided to update it what if someone wants to give themselves rewards
but have them being green. While this is not strictly saving money it
has some tips for the budget minded.

Green Fitness Rewards

1. Treat yourself with a trip to the library. You get bonus points if
you walk. You can get books on fitness, being green and pampering
yourself all for free.
2. Buy used books and DVDS via Amazon. Often these have fixed shipping.
4. Get a massage with eco friendly massage creams. You can go to an
eco friendly spa.
5. Get rewards that will save you green and be green like a water
filter or re-usable water bottle.
6. If you want to reward yourself with clothes as you lose, think
thrift store and vintage. This will be a cheaper option if you're
changing sizes and need a few in between pieces. My sister has found
designer jeans for her wardrobe. Donate items you can no longer wear
as well. Your bigger sized clothes might be needed by someone else on
their weight loss journey.
7. Shop super Wal-mart for organic cotton workout clothes.
8. Get yourself new weights they are cheap and greener than going to
the gym three times a week.
9. While I don't do freecycle.org myself it might be a way to score
fitness gadgets others need to give away.
10. Get eco friendly hand cream. Be wary of how it's packaged. I
bought eco friendly hand cream only to find out it was packaged in PVC
#3 plastic. Shea butter would have been better and has a lot less
ingredients but even then I have to look at the container.

Thankful List
Husband and little ones
Books new and used
homemade donuts for breakfast "So unhealthy but yum"

Friday, March 27, 2009

New Article By Lois June Wickstrom

My friend Lois who loves her gym can be green wrote this article in response to my why working out at home is the greener Option Arguments in favor of a gym: I feel it's very interesting points.
I do think a gym that you can walk too or take public transportation to is greener than gym that is far away. You're also more likely to use a gym that's closer to you.
Here is the article.

Gyms can Be Green Too
By Lois June Wickstrom
1) Gyms have swimming pools. It is far more ecological to have a swimming pool that is shared by hundreds of people than to have one in your home.
2) Gyms have their own heating system. You can let your home cool down while you exercise at a heated gym (which is going to be heated whether or not you go.)
3) Gyms have classes. I can't make myself do yoga for 90 minutes at home, and I can't see myself to correct my postures. Therefore when I do yoga at the gym, I do it longer and I do it better.
4) Gyms have lots of equipment that I don't have at home. It's not ecological for me to buy weight machines that I'll use for 15 minutes 3 times a week. But like the swimming pool, it makes sense for the gym to buy them for hundreds of people to use.
5) Gyms have big hot water heaters that will be on whether or not I shower there. If I shower at the gym, that's more ecological hot water than if I shower at home. Same for the gym sauna and hot tub.

Lois sites are

Wal-mart Sale, Why Fitness Gaming is Greener than The Gym, Pizza, Why Fitness Gaming is Greener than the Gym

Wal-mart organic clothes Sale.

Wal-Mart has a sale on Organic Cotton clothes.
Check their website and put organic cotton in the search engine.
Many items are less than $10 and they have jeans for under $20
They have a few clearance items which are discounted even further.

Why Fitness Gaming is Greener than the Gym

I had first purchased a Playstation2 for kinetics and while kinetics
was fun there were not I lot of games I enjoyed playing. There were
so few fitness titles. So I gave the counsel and game to some local
teenagers at church. They already had playstation so the games would
work. I got my husband an xbox so now we each have something.
If you have a game system that still works give it or sell it.

A wii is greener because you don't have to get in a car to exercise. While I love going out I want to remove trips that can be done at home. Also time is a factor. The gym that is in walking distance does not allow children or have a day care room.
Gym does have benefits such as doing a class but unless you can walk to your gym it's not the greenest option. So if you have to do a gym and won't exercise at home combine the gym trip with other tasks and activities to cut out unneeded trips.

Fitness games I own
Wi sports
Wi fit
cleberrty sports showdown

Pre Order
Gold's Gym cardio

Games I used to own
Yourself Fitness, a great game but would not work with my new PC felt
like having a personal trainer. I might replace this with Your
Fitness Trainer which is the Wii version.
Kinetics "Fun game but the camera was not always intuitive"


I feel like making either grease laden pizza or ordering out for dinner.
I just don't feel like eating healthy. I will probably have a healthy soup for lunch though.
Too bad I don't have root beer.

Thankful List

My husband and little ones
The new mixer arrived
I did my weight training yesterday
Fresh salads
Homemade cookies
Wii fit

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Weight Training, Wii and the Gym
I am going by a book not a DVD. I was using a free book discarded at the library till my real book arrived. My book would have cost $15 new but it was out of print and I got it for around $4 with free shipping. I am a little sore due to the fact I do not have the ultra light weights required. I don’t like strength training but at the same time I absolutly love it. I love getting stronger.
I also use a wii fit for cardeo. I prefer this to the gym because it's greener. I don’t have to travel great distances.
I don’t have to pay someone to look after the little ones. Most of all I can workout when ever I want too.
Don't get me wrong. I like going out and having fun but there some trips I just don't need.

Thamkful List
Husband and little ones

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I baked cookies and muffins yesterday. The muffins only had 1/4th cup sugar in it but I forgot until I just put them in the oven.
I decided I had to try to save them so I put a little real maple syrup and brown baking splenda on the top and put them back in.
They turned out great and husband loved the sweet topping.

Read another green book, only a few pages to go.

thankful list
Husband and little ones

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Books, thankful for, Wedding, thankful list

I am reading a whole bunch of books on being green. Most I got on clearance accept for
Living With Ed. I loved the book by the way.

What are you thankful for?
We often focus on are wants but what do we have
Anything can be taken away so we must have gratitude now

I have a friend getting married. I am glad I did a frugal reception. It could be considered green today.
It had chicken from walmart, and a vegetarian chili option. I requested non diamonds because I didn't want diamonds that supported suffering. My husband got us an entertainment center with the savings.
For brides maid and Matron dresses. I let them pick out what ever they had in my wedding colors. The only thing I would have changed is I would have given seeds for favors and maybe made my wedding cake instead of buying it. But it was the best beacuse it was filled with love.

Thankful List
Husband and little ones
homemade cookies "Need to bake again"

Monday, March 23, 2009

Create your own eco Friendly products

Create your Own eco Friendly Products and store
Without having to ship anything

with Zazzle Zazzle has organic tee-shirts


Also cafepress.com pay store allows organic shirts and books, canvas
bags and coffee mugs.
A cheap way to start an eco store

Another way is create an eco friendly Amazon affiliate with eco
friendly products.

Thankful List
Husband and little ones
Flour for homemade bread
My hanging dryer

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weight Training, Green, Thankful chalange

Weight Training
I am doing a short but tough weight training program. I am so sore but I feel it's worth it.
I want to be stronger. Women usually don't bulk up unless they produce too much testosterone or take steroids.

I am writing an eBook on being green. It will either be free or a dollar. I think I will give it free.
I am not against to making money but I feel free might help more people with the eBook being free.

Thankful Chalange
Tell one person how much they mean to you.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Going green Being thankfull and giving free PR

Going green
I love being green. Yes some green items are a little more but I love that I am doing my part.
My latest green deal is getting used books and DVDS at Amazon. I still help the author's selling rankings, plus I am reusing items, and helping small business. Plus the shipping is way cheaper than ebay.
If you like perfect looking covers this is not for you. I have only been unhappy with one order so far.
I don't need a pristine cover since I throw the covers away. My children tear them to pieces.
I have also been able to find rare books that are out of print. I've also saved money sometimes 3 dollars but often upwards of $10 or more.
I can't buy anything except till July less because of my Amazon purchases than some major break downs.
Our wheat grinder broke and we ordered a new one. I now bake real bread because I am greener and un-processed bread just tastes so good.

Meat free Days
I stopped being vegetarian a while ago I am reducing meat again by a couple days a week
Except for my husband's lunches which will be turkey. Most of the breakfasts are meat free so that adds to it. It's all in all two to three complete meat free days.

I lost over 20 of the pounds I gained being all super busy. My husband got me a wii fit for Christmas.
I've been eating a lot healthier except for the last few days. I've been eating well just too much of it
More maintaining. I am 3 pounds from my happy weight. I love my Wii. I am no longer concerned about a number.

My little ones had a little lesson today. We took numbers and letters said the name and put them in an old spice jar. Old spice jars make lots of great learning fun such as teaching opening jars and noise makers. It's a really eco school toy. People doing Montessori spend a fortune to get tools like this.

Thankful List
Husband and Little ones
My computer is kinda fixed
My husband came home early

Free PR for Work at home

While I don't think I will get many people doing this for it's a new blog.
I thought I'd help people with stay at home work with PR.
More people work from home the less cars on the road. Helping people is green.

Q What's with the allowing people to post ad days?
We will be running this free PR opportunity for the next couple of weeks
1. Stay at home business are greener because they use less fuel
2. Also with this economy I want to help as many people as possible.
Q do you post for me?
A. No you put your information in the comment section. I do not post them for you.
Q What don't you want posted?
1. Any site that is diet supplement heavy
2. Sites Pornography
3. Something that doesn’t have a real product. No you give money to five people sort of business.
4. Items that are highly damaging to the ecosystem.

Q are you responsible for posts
A No be careful even if it seems legitimate do your research.

Q Do you have anything to sell?
A. Not right now.
Q how many times may I post
A. Every day but do not do the same add over and over again. Spam is boring talk about other issues as well. Tell us about yourself why you started your business.

Q What can I advertise?
1. A café press, zazzle, etsy or ebay store.
2. A book you have written, children's, green, educational, cooking, Literature, fitness, self help, sweet romance novels, sci-fi, fitness and more.
3. A recycled jewelry
4. Homemade Earth friendly products
5. A green or educational blog
6. An Amazon affiliate store
7. A mail order store
8. Digital movie or music store.
9. Ebook store
10. Toys from recycled plastic, wood or felt.

A family member's shirt shop
My fave is the cupcake shirt which is ironic :-) for a health site LOL

Books and Free PR
I promised a friend Lois Wickstrom I would promote
her books in todays blog

http://www.amazon.com/Nessie-Living-Stone-Lois-Wickstrom/dp/1591092469 -- nessie and the living stone

Nessie and the Celtic Maze

My first Post

Thankful list
Husband and the little ones
cloth grocery bags
Husband came home early
That I can walk to the grocery store