Saturday, March 28, 2009

Green Fittness Rewards

I saw great post on Starling Fitness
on bribing yourself for exercise and someone asked what if money is
tight? I wrote an article called Bribing Yourself on a Budget. I
decided to update it what if someone wants to give themselves rewards
but have them being green. While this is not strictly saving money it
has some tips for the budget minded.

Green Fitness Rewards

1. Treat yourself with a trip to the library. You get bonus points if
you walk. You can get books on fitness, being green and pampering
yourself all for free.
2. Buy used books and DVDS via Amazon. Often these have fixed shipping.
4. Get a massage with eco friendly massage creams. You can go to an
eco friendly spa.
5. Get rewards that will save you green and be green like a water
filter or re-usable water bottle.
6. If you want to reward yourself with clothes as you lose, think
thrift store and vintage. This will be a cheaper option if you're
changing sizes and need a few in between pieces. My sister has found
designer jeans for her wardrobe. Donate items you can no longer wear
as well. Your bigger sized clothes might be needed by someone else on
their weight loss journey.
7. Shop super Wal-mart for organic cotton workout clothes.
8. Get yourself new weights they are cheap and greener than going to
the gym three times a week.
9. While I don't do myself it might be a way to score
fitness gadgets others need to give away.
10. Get eco friendly hand cream. Be wary of how it's packaged. I
bought eco friendly hand cream only to find out it was packaged in PVC
#3 plastic. Shea butter would have been better and has a lot less
ingredients but even then I have to look at the container.

Thankful List
Husband and little ones
Books new and used
homemade donuts for breakfast "So unhealthy but yum"

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