Friday, March 20, 2009

Going green Being thankfull and giving free PR

Going green
I love being green. Yes some green items are a little more but I love that I am doing my part.
My latest green deal is getting used books and DVDS at Amazon. I still help the author's selling rankings, plus I am reusing items, and helping small business. Plus the shipping is way cheaper than ebay.
If you like perfect looking covers this is not for you. I have only been unhappy with one order so far.
I don't need a pristine cover since I throw the covers away. My children tear them to pieces.
I have also been able to find rare books that are out of print. I've also saved money sometimes 3 dollars but often upwards of $10 or more.
I can't buy anything except till July less because of my Amazon purchases than some major break downs.
Our wheat grinder broke and we ordered a new one. I now bake real bread because I am greener and un-processed bread just tastes so good.

Meat free Days
I stopped being vegetarian a while ago I am reducing meat again by a couple days a week
Except for my husband's lunches which will be turkey. Most of the breakfasts are meat free so that adds to it. It's all in all two to three complete meat free days.

I lost over 20 of the pounds I gained being all super busy. My husband got me a wii fit for Christmas.
I've been eating a lot healthier except for the last few days. I've been eating well just too much of it
More maintaining. I am 3 pounds from my happy weight. I love my Wii. I am no longer concerned about a number.

My little ones had a little lesson today. We took numbers and letters said the name and put them in an old spice jar. Old spice jars make lots of great learning fun such as teaching opening jars and noise makers. It's a really eco school toy. People doing Montessori spend a fortune to get tools like this.

Thankful List
Husband and Little ones
My computer is kinda fixed
My husband came home early

Free PR for Work at home

While I don't think I will get many people doing this for it's a new blog.
I thought I'd help people with stay at home work with PR.
More people work from home the less cars on the road. Helping people is green.

Q What's with the allowing people to post ad days?
We will be running this free PR opportunity for the next couple of weeks
1. Stay at home business are greener because they use less fuel
2. Also with this economy I want to help as many people as possible.
Q do you post for me?
A. No you put your information in the comment section. I do not post them for you.
Q What don't you want posted?
1. Any site that is diet supplement heavy
2. Sites Pornography
3. Something that doesn’t have a real product. No you give money to five people sort of business.
4. Items that are highly damaging to the ecosystem.

Q are you responsible for posts
A No be careful even if it seems legitimate do your research.

Q Do you have anything to sell?
A. Not right now.
Q how many times may I post
A. Every day but do not do the same add over and over again. Spam is boring talk about other issues as well. Tell us about yourself why you started your business.

Q What can I advertise?
1. A café press, zazzle, etsy or ebay store.
2. A book you have written, children's, green, educational, cooking, Literature, fitness, self help, sweet romance novels, sci-fi, fitness and more.
3. A recycled jewelry
4. Homemade Earth friendly products
5. A green or educational blog
6. An Amazon affiliate store
7. A mail order store
8. Digital movie or music store.
9. Ebook store
10. Toys from recycled plastic, wood or felt.

A family member's shirt shop
My fave is the cupcake shirt which is ironic :-) for a health site LOL

Books and Free PR
I promised a friend Lois Wickstrom I would promote
her books in todays blog -- nessie and the living stone
Nessie and the Celtic Maze

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