Saturday, February 27, 2010

Promote Yourself For Free, cold Today, wishlist, zazzle finds, reading, and Thankful List

Promote Yourself For Free
Promote Yourself For Free today just post your Zazzle Etsy or artfire advertisement in the comment section. G and PG preferred.

It’s so cold today I am probably going to exercise by wii walk it out.

The cold is making me hungry.
I bribed the little princes into picking up their toys with Jelly beans.
I am not proud LOL but it worked.

I think I will just buy soap on my first Etsy purchase. I am thinking scented soap like root beer.

Wish list
Hugs, naps, water, exercise and love

Zazzle Finds for Saterday

I am reading the little house books right now. I read some of them as a child.

Thankful List
Husband and Little Ones

Friday, February 26, 2010

How to Be Real on Twitter, Zazzle Finds Nature Art

How to Be Real on Twitter

1. Don’t just be automatic. Quote and do everything automated but he doesn’t do just that some posts are directed at other people.

2. Make sure every post isn’t buy me. You don’t want to make people fall asleep.
Post your buy me posts inbetween other re tweet posts.

3. Answer questions once in a while

4. Delete graphic porn followers from your follower list. The ones that use porn icons. Spam bots turn real followers off do you want real followers or a bunch of spammers

5. You should only have protected tweets if you’re tweeting to family. If you feel something is private you should not post it.

Zazzle Finds Nature Art

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I am looking over gifts for my princess. I am thinking of getting the Disney Princess game for the wii for my girls. I want to build problem solving.
I probably won’t be getting the jewelry for myself because my little ones are too interested in it and I keep having to hide it. I am more good costume jewelry than real diamonds sort of girl and the thought of Homemade, eco friendlier and better priced just rocks. I will probably just get the soap.

My spunky princess shirt

Other zazzlers

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

laryngitis, Etsy, zazzle

I am slowly getting over my laryngitis but I felt more sick before it developed

I think I am doing my first Etsy purchase during the summer. My plans one earring and maybe a necklace and of course cool soap. I don’t wear earrings all too often but I saw one that was so beautiful I may change my mind.

Zazzle picks of the day
I pick some from twitter some from my fan club so I will pick some of the same artists. This who I like.

My sister's mug I bought this mug for myself I think I want to get it on frosted next.

Heavenly Magic binder
Heavenly Magic by gloryt
Create personalized binders online at zazzle

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Poem: End of the Day, zazzle finds, thankful list

End of the Day
Poem by VH Melville
Sometimes I feel a shadow person
just made of moonlight and vapor
No wings to fly like favor
Just hovering almost flying

More zazzle stuff I like

Catching Moonbeams mousepad
Catching Moonbeams by CowboyCraic
Browse more mousemats from

Another piece of art by Glory T
Breast Cancer Fairy postcard
Breast Cancer Fairy by gloryt
Create a picture postcard with

My sister of course :-)

thankful list
husband, little princess
wii walk it out

Cool Stuff I found on zazzle, thankful list

My zazzle shop will be changing it's look soon

Cool zazzle stuff I found

Love Tree Postage stamp
Love Tree Postage by ShouShou
See other stamps at zazzle

My sisters shoes
The creepy walk kedsshoe
The creepy walk by loudesigns
Make your own customizable shoes online at zazzle

thankful list
Husband, little ones
my wii Walk it out

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hey Valentine

My husband is making dinner for valentine

My sister's dog shirt is most viewed

husband and little ones
wii walk it oout