Wednesday, February 24, 2010

laryngitis, Etsy, zazzle

I am slowly getting over my laryngitis but I felt more sick before it developed

I think I am doing my first Etsy purchase during the summer. My plans one earring and maybe a necklace and of course cool soap. I don’t wear earrings all too often but I saw one that was so beautiful I may change my mind.

Zazzle picks of the day
I pick some from twitter some from my fan club so I will pick some of the same artists. This who I like.

My sister's mug I bought this mug for myself I think I want to get it on frosted next.

Heavenly Magic binder
Heavenly Magic by gloryt
Create personalized binders online at zazzle


  1. Thank you for adding one of my creations to your picks.
    I appreciate it :)

  2. Thank you for visiting my zazzle shop and featuring my ladybug stickers on your blog. I appreciate it very much and hope you are feeling better.