Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cool Stuff I found on zazzle, thankful list

My zazzle shop will be changing it's look soon

Cool zazzle stuff I found

Love Tree Postage stamp
Love Tree Postage by ShouShou
See other stamps at zazzle

My sisters shoes
The creepy walk kedsshoe
The creepy walk by loudesigns
Make your own customizable shoes online at zazzle

thankful list
Husband, little ones
my wii Walk it out


  1. Thank you so much Val for featuring my painting 'Serenity'! You are just amazing. Not sure how you find the time to do all that you do AND promote others at the same time! :)

    Big Grateful Hugs to You!!


  2. I actually block off the computer during parts of the day and have limited window till evening window so I learn to multitask.
    I cram what used to take me two hours into one.