Friday, February 26, 2010

How to Be Real on Twitter, Zazzle Finds Nature Art

How to Be Real on Twitter

1. Don’t just be automatic. Quote and do everything automated but he doesn’t do just that some posts are directed at other people.

2. Make sure every post isn’t buy me. You don’t want to make people fall asleep.
Post your buy me posts inbetween other re tweet posts.

3. Answer questions once in a while

4. Delete graphic porn followers from your follower list. The ones that use porn icons. Spam bots turn real followers off do you want real followers or a bunch of spammers

5. You should only have protected tweets if you’re tweeting to family. If you feel something is private you should not post it.

Zazzle Finds Nature Art

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  1. Good advice. I haven't spent enough time on Twitter yet to really have a "personality" on there. I've only made a few real friends (you included).