Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Little Eco

Little Eco
My little one lost her back pack is going to school with my more snazzy hippy grocery bag. She's getting a new bag from grandma

My sister is starting a web shop for zazzle
any ideas for what you would like in it

I wanted to see a new eco DVD at the library but I didn't have time.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Film review: A crude Awakening: The Oil Crash

My computer crashed. I will admit I enjoyed the vacation. I am on the computer less.

Film review: A crude Awakening: The Oil Crash
I tried to like this film but I was sadly disappointed with it.
I loved the beginning with the cute and oddly informative old petroleum films but this film could not overcome it's flaws.
An Inconvenient Truth which had depth, data and coherence was engaging. A Crude Awaking was more a lot of flashy Photography without a lot to say so they repeat themselves.
The film makers would cover a subject just to have it turn up 15 minutes later for no reason. They kept going back to people who needed their segments cut to five or ten minutes TOPS. The deleted scenes were better than half of what made it to film.
The worst part was that the film was completely was dismissive of making life style changes and alternative fuels.
Dismissing alternative fuels will cause countries just to dig for more coal when oil finally does run dry.
It didn’t even touch human powered appliances. How could they not interview an Amish man without looking into human powered appliances?
They made no mention of using ammonia as car fuel, or alternatives to plastic.
It also blames the finical crises strictly on oil when real estate also had a big part of it.
Oil cannot be replaced with one thing solar and wind can power homes, hybrids to drive.
To call the American Dream dead instead of changing was wrong and a lie.
I don’t have a dream to commute 30 miles each day. Most people don’t want a long commute and many of us don’t have the same dream of our parents.
This would have been a much better film with 40 minutes trimmed and with an interview with someone positive like Ed Begley Jr at the end.
I think the directors should do more films after they educate themselves on alternative fuels.

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