Monday, March 30, 2009

Reasons to Buy Bargain Organics, Clutter, Thankful List

Reasons to Buy Bargain Organics

Why should you buy organic clothes or produce from a Super walmart, or organic food from Safeway's O organics line, Or aldi's new organic line?
While I do also purchases from small stores on Amazon and from smaller companies there are major reasons for shopping for bargain organics.
1 You can save money and be green. Yes if your into nice purses save for a good one but don't waste money just to make yourself feel better.
2 Places like wall-mart buy more organic cotton and if more big box companies also start organic lines that means less of the pesticide ridden stuff.
3 These business are there to make money and if I don't make other choices they will stop producing more of these items.
4 More people shop at these type of stores and you will be a bigger influence buying a $18 dollar organic jeans from walmart than $300 organic designer jeans.

I had to declutter today. Some items I have plans to give away but some must go in the trash because of the lack of recycling around in many counties.

Thankful list
Husband and Little ones
Weight training
used books

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