Friday, March 27, 2009

Wal-mart Sale, Why Fitness Gaming is Greener than The Gym, Pizza, Why Fitness Gaming is Greener than the Gym

Wal-mart organic clothes Sale.

Wal-Mart has a sale on Organic Cotton clothes.
Check their website and put organic cotton in the search engine.
Many items are less than $10 and they have jeans for under $20
They have a few clearance items which are discounted even further.

Why Fitness Gaming is Greener than the Gym

I had first purchased a Playstation2 for kinetics and while kinetics
was fun there were not I lot of games I enjoyed playing. There were
so few fitness titles. So I gave the counsel and game to some local
teenagers at church. They already had playstation so the games would
work. I got my husband an xbox so now we each have something.
If you have a game system that still works give it or sell it.

A wii is greener because you don't have to get in a car to exercise. While I love going out I want to remove trips that can be done at home. Also time is a factor. The gym that is in walking distance does not allow children or have a day care room.
Gym does have benefits such as doing a class but unless you can walk to your gym it's not the greenest option. So if you have to do a gym and won't exercise at home combine the gym trip with other tasks and activities to cut out unneeded trips.

Fitness games I own
Wi sports
Wi fit
cleberrty sports showdown

Pre Order
Gold's Gym cardio

Games I used to own
Yourself Fitness, a great game but would not work with my new PC felt
like having a personal trainer. I might replace this with Your
Fitness Trainer which is the Wii version.
Kinetics "Fun game but the camera was not always intuitive"


I feel like making either grease laden pizza or ordering out for dinner.
I just don't feel like eating healthy. I will probably have a healthy soup for lunch though.
Too bad I don't have root beer.

Thankful List

My husband and little ones
The new mixer arrived
I did my weight training yesterday
Fresh salads
Homemade cookies
Wii fit

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