Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Great Jane Austen Tweets, Cool Reasons to Buy Homemade

Great Jane Austen Tweets

These are just some of thankful planets fave Jane Austen Tweets
We will add more as time people as time goes on

1. http://twitter.com/austen_addict One of Lou and my favorite Jane Austen posters
2. http://twitter.com/Book_It does theater production of great literature. Plans to bring Emma to the stage
3. http://twitter.com/LizzyLongbourne interesting tweets
4. http://www.twitter.com/DailyJaneAusten
5. http://twitter.com/TrueEnglishGent not strictly Jane Austen but a lot of Fun an English Gentleman in our times

Cool Reasons to Buy Homemade

1. Homemade is more reasonably priced then you think selling online is a lot cheaper than buying a booth at a craft fair and the savings are often reflected in the price
2. Homemade artisans often recycle.
3. You can find great pieces online instead of having to leave the houses. There places like Etsy.com, artfire.com, www.bonanzle.com and zibbet.com
4. You can have an item that isn’t mass produced.

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