Monday, October 12, 2009

My favorite Zazzle Posters on Twitter So Far
And a Little Advice too

I am the founder of which I used to promote my sisters zazzle shop. As I started to grow followers I learned there are some amazing zazzle posters you have to know about if you want to sell on Zazzle

1. the official zazzle posts. Zazzle is full of great advice. They are always friendly to me when I ask help for my sister’s zazzle stop. One hint only post @zazzle when you’re posting them directly with good news sales or asking for advice. Use #zazzle when your posting your zazzle ads otherwise you’re just spamming zazzle and keeping them from helping other sellers. I have seen people do the same add 10 times with @zazzle with the same ad.
2. Gypsylegacy is one of the most friendly giving Zazzle posters I found. Full of great advice. If you sell on Zazzle you must follow her. Her Zazzle is shop
3.* friendly tweets just love The Spotted Olive.*
4. mhartshorn friendly and supportive Zazzle shop
5. one of my fave zazzle ad re-posters

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