Thursday, October 15, 2009

Climate Change, Why Handmade is Cool, Why I love Wal-Mart

I am talking about climate change calling it global warming which sometimes even I do is a misnomer it’s not warming all places but redirecting the landscapes natural weather.
You don’t need to buy fancy expensive clothes.
Pick two of the list

1. Walk more
2. Car pool
3. Plant trees

Why Handmade Online is cool
I know one of my posts is loving places like walmart and target. One of my most favorite store of all time is Amazon by the way. I don’t think saving money means I can’t buy original art. Buying handmade online usually does save a little money because the seller didn’t have to buy a 300 dollar booth but buying handmade online means I avoid the crowds of craft bizarre.

Why I love Wal-Mart
I will shop at wal-mart. I will shop at Target.
I know wal-mart. Employs some love it some hate it depending on who the managers are.
1. They became green. 1. They got rid of tree mulch. 2. They sell organic cotton shirts. 3. They got rid of BPA bottles before anyone else did. 4. They recycle. I am not paying more for something that should be every day thing. Wal-mart doesn’t guilt me to be green it just sells it to me cheap and makes me feel savvy and kind to the earth.
2. In some smaller communities working for Wal-mart is one of the few companies that provide health care for employs.
3. Some skilled employs work for wal-mart because wal-mart does have better wages in smaller communities.
4. Some stores provide the manager allows the employ to work less hours so that they can go to school.
5. Cheap prices, some $50 dollar shirts are the same quality as the Wal-Mart $11 there is just no 500% mark up. Also with Wal-Mart prices I can afford handmade originals and still save money plus the money benefits real artists.
7. Wages are actually better at wal-mart than stores that sell similar products.

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