Monday, October 19, 2009

Promote Your Stuff For Free Day, Great Handmade Tweeters Goths Should Love

Promote Your Handmade or Zazzle For Free Day
Today is Promote your handmade stuff today or Zazzle Shop if have a store just put your advertisement in the comment section it’s really that simple. No R rate materiel.
Add can be in first or third person,
Add should look like Lou and is an Artist she does Goth, Fantasy, Jane Austen, funny and Oscar Wilde inspired. I’ve been featured

10 Great Handmade and Creative Tweeters Goths Should Love
I am the founder of which I used to promote my sisters zazzle shop. As I started to grow followers I learned there are some amazing zazzle posters you have to know about if you want to sell on Zazzle

1. Simply amazing Jewelry, kind poster
2. great poster, wonderful contests that promote
3. plush artist makes snuggle monsters
4. the best known steam punk artist pare on twitter. The work is amazing.
5. crafty Goth is super wonderful makes wonderful hand sew creations
6. Maker of gothic jewelry and even knitwear
7. Sews kittle monsters
8. makes gothic paper art
9. love the egghead Barrette Goths and fans cutness will love this
10. does more than Just hallloween print but check the art out.

Thankful List
Family, huby and little ones
Good Eats DVDS


    Jewelry with a dark and organic flair.

    Maker of handmade beaded lanyards, eyeglass holders and semi precious and silver jewelry.

  3. wow! thank you for listing my etsy shop! i do hope that goths and others will love it! i do appreciate the post.
    marsha spaniel

  4. As always Thanks! You're wonderful. 8)

    Handmade jewelry for every taste at low prices.

  6. Thank you to Loucreates, my first twitter pal :)
    Find all things vintage inside My Grandma's Closet!