Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Give More, No more Green Buying Guilt,

Give More
People who give more are Happier. There are many ways to give.

Green Buying Guilt
I find it harder to be eco friendly in the winter but that’s okay. Green has to stop being a catch phrase and fringe and mainstream so the word needs to lose importance.
I see a lot of fake green products that cost more money. Most real green products never use green anywhere on the label. I just don’t feel I need to spend $60 to $300 dollars on special eco blouse.
If I buy used, walmart then that gives me extra to buy off of Amazon. I am book fiend or to buy original art. I am not against spending money. I am not against giving to charity but I don’t want to spend on things I don’t need to.

I only do eco things that save me money or taste good.

Most expensive green items aren’t that green
1. Suave shampoo is one of the greener options another option is handmade cold pressed vegan soap to use as a shampoo bar.
2. Any cheap soap is green unless it’s anti bacterial. Hand soaps have less packaging than liquid even the green kinds.
3. Wet and wild nail polish contains no formaldehyde.
4.Throw a dry towel with your drying clothes. Cheaper than a laundry ball.
5. It really doesn’t matter what kind of diaper you use because cloth diapers use lots of water, if you use disposables scrape the poop out and your greener.
6. People claim chocolate isn’t green but if they can’t make enough money on it in South America they clear forests and sell the trees for wood.
7. I don’t look for the not tested on animals to be green but if you do El.F. Cosmetics are for you. Many products run around $1 or a little more depending on the store.
8. Organic wear which is sold has many products. I like their eye shadow it’s less than ten bucks works fine. Can be bought at and the packaging is like 90 biodegradable.
9. Local produce if you can get it is greener, farmer’s market or even a small garden. Organic is fine but look for local farmer’s who follow organic rules but don’t buy the certification because they savings on to you. Even cheap non organic produce from local farmer’s greener due to be being shipped less. Local produce for the most part will taste better.
10. Buy used clothes but wash them first.
11. Start a clothing swap with friends
12. Buy organic shirts from wal-mart.
13. Buy only higher end organic clothes that you really like not just because they have an organic label.
14. Eat meat sparingly go vegetarian a few days a week

No more Green Guilt 2: Green Books

I got rid of green books that were basically make you feel guilty shopping guides.

I kept Living Like Ed. It talks a lot about shopping and it mentions products to buy but it never makes you feel guilty for wanting to save money or doesn’t guilt you into buying anything and everything.

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