Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More on Free Green

I worked more on getting free offsets. Some of what I found will be in my new ebook.
I am thinking of calling it Ecotastic, the Fabulously Free Green Guide. I just got more done.
The only thing I really did was the Easter Baskets.
Okay now that I think of it I contacted a few people about green articles.

I had planned to try to make Easter candy today but the day slipped away even without a nap.
I did get in my weight training and couple cups of hot chocolate. The hot chocolate wasn't very green.
I would like to get some orgainic chocolate powdered. I know shade grown is green but not found much shade grown.

Eco tip #
Send ecards instead of holiday cards. You save a lot of emissions on a card that could be sent and printed instantly.

Thankful list
My husband
Each day with my little ones

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