Thursday, April 16, 2009

Forgetting Salt, Thankful List

Forgetting Salt

Yesterday I made a crock pot of beans for my husband's famous refried beans. He informed me we had no salt. I rushed to the store. I told him I needed to get some baby shower gift anyway. I usually get supper practical gifts like wipes but I didn't know until my second little one most wipes are not eco friendly. He suggested forging practical.
They cannot be flushed like toilet paper and they are not reusable like cloth.
I walked to the store so I didn’t burn any gas up. I bought salt, a salt shaker, and some lovely play outfits I needed for that baby shower. I did get a practical greener item as well BPA free sippy cups. I did forget my cloth bags normally in my diaper bag, grrr.
My husband loved the gifts I picked.

It made me think of green birthdays for kids and adults. I think for my next birthday which will be in the summer I want it green. I will be 35 and want it to be special and meaningful.

Today I am making pasta.

Thankful List
True Love "Husband"
Little ones

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