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Hi, Green and Frugal Ways to Start your Own Publishing Company

I washed Friday because I didn't want to wash Saturday and Sunday then I ended up having to wash a huge blanket but I hung it in the bathroom so no dryer time. Blankets like this one usually take 90 to 140 minutes in the dryer.

I was researching organic and I found out some organic isn't green because of long shipping time and low yield. Yet organic pecans has much bigger yield than sprayed pecans.
I was also looking for organic cacao and how do you know where it was really produced? Was it shade groan or chocolate that causes deforestation just sprayed less.

I made fudge again but it came out like carmel or taffy. It tasted good though. No wrappers is greener right?

I got my Gold's gym for wii fit and I like it so far.

Green and Frugal Ways to Start your Own Publishing Company
VH Melville
I've seen a lot of self and small publishers lose lots of money going through publishing.
The ways in this article might not make a lot to get you to quit your day job but these ideas can make you a published author without much expense. This is also a greener way to publish.
1. Go to for around $60 a year you can host your own store and publish as many books as you want. handles the shipping. You can also sell organic tea shirts, mugs and stickers with your book's cover. If you only have one book you plan to sell you can open the free version of the café press site. If you also wanted to start an eco store this is a cheaper solution.
2. Have a good PR plan before you publish. Is there a market for your books? Do you have marketing guidelines for your writers if you want to have submissions? Many writers don't know they are supposed to market their books. If you make this easy for them with a list of ideas and send press releases to their local papers you will make it easier for both of you.
3. One of my paper books written under another name did poorly because the publisher decided to publish before all the edits were complete. Make sure you edit or pay someone who is highly qualified to edit your books because editing is one of the most important things in book. It's not just about mistakes but tone and style.
4. If you can afford to work at home, think about things like insurance and retirement.
5. Are there other places you can sell your books besides bookstores.
6. Nonfiction books are easier to promote than fiction.
7. EBooks cost less to produce than print but may not always sell as well. But eBooks are greener and often cheaper to produce because they lack printing costs.
8. If you decide to invite other authors do not allow simultaneous submissions. That means the author cannot submit to you and other houses. I know at least one publisher who spent thousands of dollars pulling a story because the author forgot to tell her till the last minute they also submitted it at a bigger publications.

My Sci-Fi novel came out it's a comedy. I don’t know when the print version will be out. It's available on download in multiple formats.

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