Monday, April 6, 2009

Free Carbon Offsets well Kind of

Free Carbon Offsets, Well Kind of

Want to offset carbon emissions at little cost to you?

I am not talking of the tongue and cheek or rather tongue and cheat site

Yes you can offset emissions only these won't be tax deductable and credited to you these are away to offset carbon emissions for free.

I have been offsetting my carbon emissions for free with a charity search engines. I chose Arbor Day foundation as my charity. There are many charity search engines to choose from.
Also you can click on the and save some rain forest and count that as an offset.
This doesn't mean not going green. I think offsets are worthless without doing something.

Once I earn enough to be carbon Neutral I want to earn enough to sponsor someone then help them become green with very little money. Sort of random acts of Kindness.

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