Thursday, April 30, 2009

Green Tip: Weddings Green Ebook,

Another Tip on Cheap Green Weddings
Have the bridesmaids to pick any dress they want in your wedding colors. All the dresses will be different but the brides maids and matron will have something they might wear again and not throw out. (I did this for my wedding I should have picked green white and pink instead of green and white so that some could wear pink or green dresses. Green was hard to find for some of the women)
I worked more on my green ebook in the past few days. I am wondering where I should park my free ebooks. I am already thinking of a second green ebook if the first one does well more on greening fun stuff like parties

I did laundry two days in a row and might have to do three, but I will not need to dry them in the dryer. I need to do this because I want a laundry free weekend.
I also cleaned the coils under my fridge as advised to by in the Book Living like Ed. I hope this improves my fridges efficacy.

I feel a little down today but I am still thankful

thankful list
Husband and Little ones

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