Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter, Ideas for Earth Day

I burnt my easter fudge :-( will still eat it.

Ideas for Earth day
Maybe we should stop being activists for the day and make being Earth Day Fun.
I never really got into Earth Day. I don't believe in being eco friendly once a year.
Just like I don't believe in being Just a Christian one day a week.
I also found that claims by the media that earth day was founded by criminal Ira Einhorn a very disturbing. This is actually not true. He didn't found Earth day. He was merely one of the speakers at the first event and gave a peace sign. Some say he wasn't invited to speak he crashed it.
I also was ashamed in how other eco activists treated cashers on earth day for the stores carrying plastic. The casher has no power in the store. It's up to you to carry a cloth bag not the cashers.
I am not sure exactly what I will be doing this earth day.
I have some ideas though but not sure which ones I will go for.
1. Read an eco story to your kids. There is a free Earth Day interactive story on
2. Have a white Elephant party. Where everyone takes something they already have wrap it. Wrapping paper can be old Christmas paper or catalogs, comics or junk mail, old gift bags, maps, or already purchased cloth grocery bags. Then it's exchanging time. This can be one time or people can could do bids on something they really like. "Not sure this will happen this year, but it be so much fun."
3. Buy some seeds and organic chocolates give them to people you love. Make some homemade candy. "If i can get around to making Easter candy first."
4. Take a walk.
5. If your Christian or spiritual talk about God creating the earth to your children and that we must take care of the earth for God.

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