Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day
For years I had the grist attitude of not celebrating because I was eco friendly all of the year. Though I maybe worded it a bit more sweetly.
I made brownies the 21 but the liquid shortening separated oddly. They tasted good according to family.
Nuked mini marshmallows to watch them get all puffy.
I don't have anything yet planned for earth day. I think I will do something though.

Here is some free earth day stuff to do at home. If you have toddlers to first graders
they might enjoy the interactive story Everyday is Earth Day at starfall.com

Craft ideas to make with your leftover stuff

Craft idea with bottle caps

Recycled cowboy Boot purse

Thankful list
Husband and little ones
To be born on this beautiful earth
That wal-mart removed BPA sippy cups

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