Monday, April 13, 2009

Another free way to offset, My Eco Sins

Another free way to offset your carbon

My Eco Sins
I have to be honest and not hide my mistakes.
I tried to be extra eco friendly last week because I knew this weekend would not be so friendly so I did the smaller loads this week with no dryer.
I ended up with 5 loads done. The first load I lined dried superbly.
I did dry them together but that still was 90 minuets. That was not my eco sin.
I think I did well with the laundry.

My eco sin.
I needed to get rid of some toys last minute because of the clutter and because the little ones were using the toys to stand on.
The thrift store shut down right before we moved here so I had no place to donate. You usually call your friends and say do you need this. I really only know a few people and all have too many toys.
With the old printer that was easy to recycle but things like toys.
My home is not a landfill but I do want to want to reduce landfill space. Some of these items were second hand but I wish I could pass this stuff on. I really need to get rid of it fast. I have a lot more stuff. It's hard for me to be green on fly lady and I fell off being Fly Lady OP. "on program"
Others I see can do both easily. I might do a diff speed cleaning program.
I had luck with a bag it program as well. I might combine.
I have to create a balance with both. I need to find away to do both. It's really hard without the thrift store.
I do luckily have a place to get rid of the books I don't need. I will be tossing them into the free pile at the library within the next few weeks.
I felt bad at first but I feel better without the clutter.

Next Year
Next year I plan to get an MP3 player instead of CDS. I am thinking audio books.
I am going to get them more used DVDS instead of new ones.
Eventfully I want to get a kindle which will use a lot less space but I can't get it now because we have no good wireless network.

What are your eco sins

Thankful List
Husband's back from his trip
My oldest little one developing better language skills
My little little one is singing a song

More on the free Mini Ebooks.

The mini eBooks won't cost money but will be a Give to someone else type system. You pay it on by doing something nice for someone else. Chose what you want to give for each book you read or give to a friend. I will come up with more ideas.

1. Drive Less
2. Plant a tree
3. Donating books to a library sale
4. Read a story at school
5. Donating sensory toys, or language DVDS to families with an autistic child, or speech delayed child.
6. Be a designated sober driver.
7. Buying seeds to give away
8. Starting a county garden
9. Giving working items you do not need away to a thrift store
10. Using a re-usable water bottle for drinking
12. Donating care packages to a woman's shelter.
13. Donate babysitting time for a special needs child.
14. Have a white elephant party with all gifts exchanges being used.
15. Donating language DVDS to an OT or speech therapist.

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