Friday, April 24, 2009

Eight sort of Cheap Ways to go Green, get the smog out

I feel like veging out today but I have a lot to do.

Eight Sort of Cheap Ways to go Green
I updated this.

1. Use baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice to clean instead of high priced toxic cleaners.
2. Go to thrift stores for clothes.
3. Unplug the wii or ex box or put it on a power strip and shut the power strip off.
4. Get rid of basic cable on TV. TV shows you a lot of commercials making you want to buy toxic, wasteful, and just plane extravagant items we don't need. Men and women learned through commercials woman prefer diamonds. Glass and manmade diamonds shine just as bright and don't have to be mined in inhumane ways. I buy some quality shows new. I use Netflix. I'd rather get planet green shows on Netflix anyway. Netflix has movies you can see on your computer.
5. Get clothes at thrift stores. Yes you want to wash older clothes but in reality people also try on new clothes so you'll want to wash them first unless they come four in a pack and can't be tried on.
6. Stop buying bottled water. Bottled water in most cases is filtered tap. Most people don't recycle the bottles.
7. Go to the library more. There are lots of books there and you will make less regretful purchases that will end in a dump or you trying to return it.
8. Instead of going out to eat bake together.

Thankfull Planet: Get The Smog out

It's not a just challenge it's a virtual party
this was posted yesterday. I think I will post the rules for a few days.

Why do we want to reduce smog?
1. Smog bothers children and adults with autism or sensory issues.
2. Smog bothers people with asthma
3. Smog makes the air stink and burns the eyes
4. What about our taste buds do they effect the flavor of cupcakes?
5. Outdoor exercise is less fun if you can't breathe.

Fight smog
Ways to fight smog find two, three or four things from the list
1. Go to free sites that plant trees in exchange for you viewing advertising and plant free trees.
2. Stop smoking, smoking not only increases smog in the home it sometimes leaches heavy metals into the ground when tobacco products are thrown to the ground.
3. Support wind power by calling your local electric company and demanding it. Modern wind power uses techniques that assure bird safety. As wind power grows we can shift people formally working as coal miners and in coal plants as wind farmers.
4. Plant a garden.
5. Buy tree seeds and give them as gifts.
6. Go meat free three to four breakfasts and dinners a week unless you live within a fifty mile to a farm. Shipping meat from far away in refrigerator trucks makes more smog.
7. Use public transportation.
8. Build food storage if you live 20 minutes from a store or more.
9. Drive Less

On Earth Day
I made some homemade rolls last night for today. I exercised.
I ate refried beans. "Husband helped me make"
Later watched Simpsons DVD set. It was second hand from Amazon plus the Simpsons has funny but green message.
I wanted to make brownies.
I also emailed a politician about BPA removal in canned foods. I wasn't planning on doing it on earth day it just needed to get done.
All and all I just did stuf that I normal do that's green.

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