Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Eco Life

My Eo Life
Making play dough is more eco friendly than buying clay. I made peanutbutter play dough. MMMMMMM

My found surge projector isn't working so I need a new one because I want to turn off my consoles without effecting anything else.
I have to do more free offsets before I have fun and watch mythbusters on netflicks today.

Weight Training was done earllyer in the day. I've been putting it off till later.

My Green Ebook
I've discovered a whole bunch of green ideas I am putting in my eBook. Going green for many things s actually cheaper.
The ebooks done but we are going through first edits where I add more difine information and clarify issues. Then it's going to two more for polishing before I add the art and do the final little polishing.

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