Friday, April 17, 2009

Free Carbon Offsets "I hit goal"

A carbon offset is a fee to pay for eco sin
the less eco sins you have the less you have to pay

I found clickable ways to save trees and have advertisers pay for my eco sins.
Plus rainforest got saved, and trees got planted.

I thought I had earned enough with free carbon offsets last night for this years sins but I found out my math was a bit off and I also still owed some for de-cluttering. I would have been over the top but some of the clickable charities I should have it all "paid" for in an hour.
The big ticket items like plant a tree were usually one time deals. Some sadly were expired so I would have had this finished days ago. I will continue some of them. I will save some for next year but some I will donate to friends who are going green.
Yesterday was my article day. I wrote four of articles for a zine that sometimes publishes me so that I can submit one a month without having to take too much time away from the important stuff like family.
I also wrote an article for the blog which might end up in the book instead. I am thinking of doing a few eco party articles to add to my book. I read a lot of great articles but none are like mine.

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