Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Fudge, Rolls, and offsets

I realized we needed rolls for the next day. I tried on a little dry and earthy but good warm. I am waiting for them to cool while I post this blog.

More Easter Preparations aka "Easter Fudge"
I made a second batch that wasn't burnt but I had requests for "burnt" from my oldest.
Both batches set. The burnt batch is in the freezer.
I also put the good batch in the freezer in a container. When I finish the chocolate powder I plan to purchase organic.
Not all organic things are good for the environment but chocolate is one of the products I found does matter.
My coco powder which is so good was a gift from my mom. I am planning to use it all up.
Dark chocolate is so good for you.
I will probably make a fresh batch Sunday now that I know I can make real fudge. I am thinking of making old fashioned vinegar candy as well.

Eco Laundry
I hung all my laundry up in my hangers, and drying hanger today instead of part dryer. I am expecting a huge Almont of laundry to wash this weekend so I wanted to offset it and hang dry it even though
I can't do this outside due to the weather but the bathtub works fine.

Weight training
Weight Training Yes I did Thursdays. I am on a special training schedule while it's every day you only work certain muscles on certain days so my muscles should get rest.

Free Carbon Offsets
I only earned a couple of those today. I was busy.

Thankful List
Husband and little ones
Mother in Law
Children's scriptures
My Wii fit
My hanging dryer
Free offsets
Frozen vegetables
Fresh baked rolls
A big pot of pasta with black eyed pees

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