Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Candy

I cannot go Easter shopping this week for candy. Oh well I will bake some homemade cupcakes, maybe candy and do spiritual lessons. It will be better more on the spirit and less on the bunny. I hope. It will also create less waste.

Easter update
I decided to start making stuff today.

I had construction paper lying around
I made Easter grass for both girls with one sheet. Don't get the plastic kind it's messy and hard to recycle.
I made color flash cards. With the left over scraps of paper I made Easter cards for the family.
I wrapped a magazine I got from discard. I had some book purchased earlier but no one else read them.
I have some green non toxic modeling clay I had lying around and an un open tank of sea-monkeys.

I have an Easter advent from last year and I use that. Thogh One of my little ones broke a few pieces.

I am not sure if I will make fudge. I am not very good at making gudge. Seems all the candy recipes I have need powdered sugar. I did find one recipe that does not state powdered sugar which I don't have.

Gratitude Challenge
Email one person you are grateful for Knowing

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