Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cheap Green Weddings, What Have you Done this April, Gratitude

I have to do laundry today. I don't feel like it, but I will do it.

Cheap Green Weddings
With the recession a lot less people are getting married but remember a low cost wedding can be your greenest option. So if you're instead of a debt causing bore fest you want to make it a green delight.

1. Used dress, rented or dress from floor sale store. My dress was from a floor sale store was already made for an order that didn’t come through.
2. My then boyfriend (now husband) and I made invitations at staples which saved us over $200 but another option is virtual invitations. Most of them are free. Some people might not like the new way invitations are done but were living in a modern virtual world.
3. Use edibles as favors because most people don't keep favors
4. Vegetarian options are often cheaper
5. Get cheap seeds and make little plants for guests
6. Hunt yard sales and thrift stores for odds and ends like silk flower bouquets. Yes silk is not as green as fresh but recycling is green.

What Have you Done this April
It's the end of the month of April. Here is just some of what I have done this month. Think of what you done.

1. I have you contacted political figures to ban BPA from canned food. Where I live canned food is needed because fresh food is not always available.
2. I baked a wacky cake from scratch
3. I made burnt fudge
4. I educated my little ones about god and earth
5. I bought tofu
6. I read articles
7. I worked on my green ebook
8. I worked on my educational ebook
9. I earned free offsets
10. I worried about Swine flu
11. I actually started using twitter after a full year
12. I de-cluttered
13. I baked rolls
14. I enjoyed being a homemaker but hated cleaning :-)
15. I used wii's gold gym game

Make a list of two things your thankful for and go from their
Husband and little ones would be top of mine.
Let people know

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