Thursday, May 7, 2009

Green Wedding Gift Ideas

I've been working on my eBook again in the past couple of days.
I also am working some easy green birthday party ideas but I want to try them out first.

Green Wedding Gift Ideas
VH Melville
Many of these items can be purchased on Amazon.
1. A $25 to $300 dollar gift certificate to a favorite online green store "find out if they expire quickly"
2. Cloth shower curtains if they are polestar which is still better than plastic but not as nice as organic cotton or hemp range from $11 to $20. Hemp shower curtains are usually $40 to $60.
3. A basket with organic herb seeds, a nice cup to grow seeds $15 and under unless you buy a lot of seeds.
5. Shea butter and bamboo wash clothes From $10 to $50
6. A bamboo cutlery set
7. If you can sew a homemade quilt of recycled cloth would be nice and cost effective.

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