Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Green Journey

My Green Journey

I've always been a little green since I was 17 but now I am going further. I made a deal with my husband green wouldn't cost anything more and made a deal with myself that green would cost less and save us money. I don't think debt is green. I don't think buying things just because they have a green label is green. Right now I live very comfortably but love the challenge. It then gives more money for fun things and activities.
I bought "Green lotions" just to find they were packaged in PVC which I have talked about on twitter.
Of course I can buy fun stuff with the savings that are cheap and sustainable.
I did make some green investments with yearly mad money my little amazing hanging dryer. Yes it’s flimsy but saved more in electricity bill than it cost $12 with shipping. I also use free plastic hangers with clothes because the local store doesn't recycle them.
I will only offset for free meaning I use clickable rainforest charity sites, charity search engines and let advertisers pay my offsets. An offset is a fee for an eco sin.
I have eco sins. We all do. Sometimes I have to ride a plane, sometimes I throw things out I know I should give away but was too busy.
I don't recycle as much as I want to so I use more reusable items.
It's honestly easier to twitter than do the blog but the blog is where I plan for now to park my free eBooks. I have children's eBooks edited with art and a green book for adults I am working on.
I will use the blog for news and articles too long to fit in twitter. I also might get other posters as well.

1. Lower my foot print and have fun.
2. I want to not just have organic options but ban the most toxic of chemicals and pestides so even people who can't buy or get organic foods will bennifit.
3. Helping other be green for free. Well kind of free. The eBooks as I stated in early posts are pay it on.

I am into other things too
1. Children's education
2. Baking
3. My Wii "Not green but so fun" I do put on a power strip though. It also keeps my happy at home.

I had a self pity party winter it was a bad winter and hope to get back to my thankful self.

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