Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Learning Ideas

Learning Ideas
VH Melville
These are my favorite
I home school during the summer.

Starfall.com a lot of free interactive stories teaches reading and vocabulary. They also sell materiel for schools and homeschoolers. Go to speech stores online and make your own products. I made a flip book of rhyming words including the photo of difficult to pronounce words.
Discarded magazines are great for learning new words.

Music and movement
Favorite songs
Can be combined with controlled bouncing, bubbles or dancing.

Signing time and baby syringing time. Can be at some libraries and on some PBS stations.
Baby babble One and two. Baby babble two is my favorite of the two DVDS but my little one loved one
They might Be Giants Here come the 123s great music without making you nuts.
They might Be giants here come the abcs

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