Thursday, May 14, 2009

Post Your Follow Fridays and Thankful Thursdays Here

I'm working on a new way to do Follow Friday thankful Thursday.
The new way to recommend people seems to be to create dynamic content.

Since I've been told that @yourtwiiternamehere will now be private for people following you
only. I personally think that's what DM are for and I love recommends from
people I trust.

I will post my recommends on the twiiterso that my followers can see them. Though One or two might not know about it.
So I decided to post my recommends here that way I can go more in
depth. You can post your recommends in my comment section Thursday
till Monday.
No spam.
I will also have select guest posters as well with their recomend.
Many of my recomends are green but not all.

Not all are following me but if they follow you pass it on.

Just don't recommend porn tweets this is not that sort of
site it’s green and family. No recomending your own site but you can
put a short bio
with your tweet name.

These are my Thankful Thursday, Follow Friday, Ecomonday recommends.
You do not have to follow me to post but you will get updates more
regularly if you do.

@imagenie magic and learning

@EnergyBook a friendly tweet
@CardboxDiva friendly to advice and kind. Uses shredded paper for packing.
@greencleaningmd very friendly asks for advice instead of just posting ads

Green Info
@Greenopia good articles a lot of people retweet this poster and for reason.
@EcoMonday a haven for learning of new green sites
@greenbaby_nyc if you are green parent this is a must have follow
@Ecosaveology so kind and thoughtful
@ecocheckie good posts

Baked Goods

Helpful peeps
@joyntheir so friendly and helpful


More Eco Sins
I threw stuff out today. I am also looking to plan a vacation but I
am going to make it closer than originally planned.

Time Management
I am saving time I am using tweet deck more but still use the web too
but the deck is faster. I also got rid of some of my old blogs.

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