Friday, May 15, 2009

Ways for Writers to be Fantastically Green Part One

Ways for Writers to be Fantastically Green Part One
VH Melville
I am the author of the soon to be released Ecotastic, the Fabulously Free Green Guide. I am also the author of Death Toys for Quasar at Diskus publishing.
1. If you run a blog to promote your writing think it is a button you put on your blog that people can make pdf copies instead of printing and creating paper waste destined for landfills. Tip from twitter handle @imagenie .
2. If you want to save trees buy packets of seeds and give them as your door prizes.
3. Grow a story garden. A county or school garden where author cover plaques can be made of which other donated what trees and vegetables.
4. Eat less meat. You don't have to become vegan just three to four meet free dinners a week can help the earth and save you money for your writing as well.
5. Twitter about your green causes and maybe slip in a note about your writing. I haven't been using twitter but it's a great PR tool and it's also away to get quick green tips.
6. Use a mug instead of foam or plastic cups.

Death Toys for Quasar by VH Melville

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