Friday, June 19, 2009

Top 37 ECo tweets

Top 37
The ones after 22 I wanted to add in the original article but I had misplaced some of the links and others I could not get into deadline.
This was original names I wanted. It's not in order of importance to me every tweet here deserves to be in the top ten.

I want to add some to the main list every once in a while till I get to 50 or.

1. Changeca encourages members to fight for BPA bans
2. thesmartmama an advicate
3. edbegleyjr ed Begely Jr is more than an actor he is true green
4. Algore former vice president founder of the modern green movement which teaches you can have fun and make money being green
5. Treehugger one of the best eco blog ever
6. safercans a must have for those trying to ban BPA
7. Twighlight Earth helpful and popular
8. Ecomonday the founder of ecomonday also goes by
9. Treebanker combines business with eco friendliness
10. theEcoDiva a very popluar glamar tweet
11. greenbaby_nyc friendly mom blog
12. easyecotogo a friendly eco mom blog 14
13. Ecosaveology wonderful and friendly
14. CelebrateGreen
15. Ecorazzi Green gossip
16. EcoEinstein
17. MotherEarthNews This is the tweet version of the famous mag
18. saferstates
19. tweetcongress not an eco tweet but one greenies can use to activists on BPA
20. EcoInteractive very popular eco tweet
21. biggreenpurse
22. pattysgreen teaching the young, kids show
23. simplystephen50
24. MotM_EcoFashion eco clothes
25. ecofashionista eco fashion
26. DerekMarkham
27. DirectorsDesk
28. DianeMacEachern wrote the book big green purse
29. Mamagoesgreen another mom blog
30. Greenmoms Green mom carnival
31. greenmom a green mom blog
32. Greenopia a staple for greenies with great green news
34. Ecochickie a popular green writer
35. Grist Eco Journalism with a bit of satire
36 Sierra_Magazine well established magazine in green
37. RnfrstAlliance Rainforest Alliance helps save the Rainforrest by helping businesses make simple changes

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  1. And then there's me, ecokaren.