Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Budget Green Living

Budget Green
Here some ideas to live Eco friendly on the cheap.

Reduce make up costs

Organic wear Eye Shadow biodegradable packaging only $8

E.L.F . Cosmetics many products range $1 to $2
Available from www.eyeslipsface.com and www.drugstore.com

House hold cleaning
Baking soda in your own cabinet or most local grocery stores. Can clean with it brush teeth and put in bath water.
Vinegar kills germs without the sweeping dangerous kill good bacteria effect of anti bacterial products.
Available in your own cabinet or most local grocery stores
Recycled toilet paper available at www.drugstore.com

Good Stuff
Reusable grocery bags and organic cotton shirts available at walmart.
Used furniture available at thrift stores, yard sales and in a family member's attic.
Vintage outfits can be found at thrift stores and clothes swaps
Books can be found at the library. Eco books can be found at Amazon.com
If you have to pay.
I won a Bag from this store

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