Monday, November 2, 2009

Why Handmade Costume Jewelry is Better, Free PR, Thankful List

Why Handmade Costume Jewelry is Better
Diamonds and gold are not a women’s best friend the more expensive a piece of jewelry is the more eco unfriendly it is. You often can’t tell where the gold and diamonds came from.
Quality handmade jewelry sold online is
1. Cheaper because it cuts out high priced craft tables
3. More eco friendly because handmade artists recycle more and often use recycled packaging.
4. Real art instead of something that’s mass produced.
5. Can be bought in pajamas without having to trek to a huge craft fair or mall.

I am the founder of which I used to promote my sisters zazzle shop as well as her handmade stuff. Her zazzle shop is

Free PR
Post your handmade or zazzle add in our comment section
As long as your shop isn’t R rated or sells supplements

Thankful List
Husband, little ones

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