Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Don't Want Diamonds, zazzle Finds

I Don't Want Diamonds
I realized I am weird I don’t like diamonds because of humane conditions and price. I mean glass is just as pretty for like a tenth of the cost.
What are cool gifts to me
more time with husband, a romantic dinner, a kindle more wii games and, a robotic maid, a trip to a computer store, vintage clothes, and fancy soaps. I am kind of a geek.

blue dream skateboard
blue dream by gloryt
Buy a skateboard at Zazzle

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  1. Very nice collection! Love the dog and cat!! LOL It sounds like we're a bit alike in some ways. I like diamonds but can live without them. Would much rather have something to be creative with and that covers a HUGE area. :)

    Thanks for the feature!!