Friday, April 2, 2010

Thankful Zazzle Awards

Thankful Zazzle Awards

This one is easy. You may use products you already designed but they must be G or PG and all work must be original. I am redoing the zazzle awards. I had a few private interests but the deadline was too short.
There is no prize but I hope to get artists lots of publicity. Two to four designs will be chosen as winners per category by the Judges. You can put a link here in comments but most of the submits are coming through something I set up at the zazzle boards.
I am not a judge. I will place judges bios after the submits are in. I want to make it easy on them so they have all they need and as much time as they need.
You can subbmit by April 8th

You may submit up to two products for each challenge.

I do have someone from zazzle as Judge so this is a good way of getting your stuff shown.

1. Wedding Designs on any product
2. Costume shirts items. Costume shirts are shirts that can be worn as a hallowen costume.
3. Food Stuff: fruit and vegetable or candy and cupcakes. Bag, Binder or both.
4. Pet clothes any style.
5. Motivational products

1. Wedding samples

2. Costume shirts or themed items

3. Food Stuff: fruit and vegetable or candy and cupcakes.

4. Pet clothes sample
Creepy walk petshirt
Creepy walk by loudesigns
Shop all other pet clothing online at

5. Motivational products sample

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  1. My last submission for the motivational products category:

    Thanks again.