Friday, July 30, 2010

Fractal, In squidoo

zazzle people you can make an add for your shop in my comments section

Been trying working on learning fractal art. I feel I want to expand
the art I did.
I downloaded a free fractal generator but it was a bust. It had loads
of features but most of them crashed
or wouldn't work so I found a another free program that crashes less but it would have I will look for another Generator if I get good at this. Its very good.

Update: I've been mentioned in this great new blog. The I love my kids poster
is mine.

Some of my art is mentioned in this Squidoo lens

Owl Head sticker
Owl Head by weirdklown
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Hogwarts By Moonlight binder
Hogwarts By Moonlight by harrypotter
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For the little artist

Alice in Wonderland's Alice and Dinah Disney print
Alice in Wonderland's Alice and Dinah Disney by disney
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  1. Hi, LOve your blog. I left an ad for my store at the forums

  2. Awesome post as usual Valerie!!
    Thanks for featuring my invitation cards design!! :)

    You can see more of my designs by clicking on my name!

  3. That's weird I found my post but your ad is not in there